My Spider Dog and bum fight


Suggest song ideas in the comments below! Whether it’s new songs or crazy ringtone ideas. Download them for free at My dog is a super climber and watching people fight is funny. GEL OR NO GEL! And yeah, not exactly a bum fight but it was about as dumb as a bum fight. Check out my songs at! – JimmyDShea

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25 Responses to “My Spider Dog and bum fight”

  1. x1Blade says:

    Is your dog in the marines Xd

  2. TraceMeLater says:

    no gel, but with gel you’re still sexy and i would still marry you 😀

  3. DeadGirlsPass says:

    @JimmyDShea omg he had to walk 3/4 of a mile. tell him to cry a river and put his big girl panties on. lol

  4. crackalauncha says:

    3 people are jealous cuz dey dont got a spider dog.

  5. NoRemedyy says:

    hahah listen to the dogs little footsteps at 0:29

  6. RastafariPoet says:

    That dog is a marine at heart.

  7. NoRemedyy says:

    ha remind me from andy from the office with your ringtone

  8. AlcasaTheDon says:

    Jimmy, come on man your a Marine. Your suppose to stop those guys from fighting

  9. NoRemedyy says:

    what kind of dog is that?

  10. noose357 says:

    @JimmyDShea That is stupid, I could never fight my own brother for somethin like that.

  11. ProAnaStarvingWorks says:

    u are so hot

  12. MrDavidpie says:

    the 3 dislikes where those bums tickling each other.

  13. justdancegirl87 says:

    i love your videos 😀
    thank you for your service….There are only a few our there that can do what you do

  14. MrDavidpie says:

    no gel i prefer your hair short like your other vids but its your choice.

  15. MrDavidpie says:

    nice vid keep em coming marine.

  16. bitchboyplayer says:

    did u try to talk asian FOB? on the handsome part

  17. MrBigjuarez says:

    Hey Jimmy. Where are u currently stationed at? Have u ever been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan? Just wondering cuz i wanna know if u shot any videos from there?

  18. EddieBrockVenom says:

    Sweet! I thought you stopped making vids because your upload list said 1 year ago xD

  19. FearOps says:

    maybe you should of been infantry so you can get danger pay

  20. yankeesangel03 says:

    lol, nice! That looked like a bitch slap seriously!

  21. Thesteveism says:


  22. thewannabe4life says:

    Don’t how you do it Jimmy but your funny and informative… It must be a gift lol

  23. leafsfan9917 says:

    @JimmyDShea oh, thanks for the response! tell him that we will still watch his videos even if they are stateside… good luck and be safe!

  24. Zorb28 says:

    @JimmyDShea lol and 120% awesome! I love your videos man

  25. SoNDiKo says:

    @JimmyDShea Though so, have seen your update on FB with your “Places” location…

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