My puppy whines and I want him to stop!?


Hello I have a pom cross Shi tzu he is about 8 weeks old, I love this little guy but man does he whine. Hes not fully potty trained yet so I bought him a exercise pen that attaches to his kennel so he is able to run around in the kitchen area. I put tons of toys in there for him to chew on, put the radio on, basically I made it as comfortable as comfortable gets for him but every time I put him in there is whines uncontrollably and I can’t get him to stop. Same with when I leave for work he whines so loud I can hear him all the way down the hallway in my apartment building. I dont want to give him away so please all suggestions are welcomed!

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6 Responses to “My puppy whines and I want him to stop!?”

  1. Danika says:

    Its normal. Ignore all these people. From what I read they are wrong. Dogs are pack animals and because he is alone to sleep or for the day (which he needs to learn), he is nervous and wants so much to be in the pack, so he cries and whines. My puppy whines as well and I always reassure him every when I leave or go to bed. Its a valuable lesson for dogs to learn, especially when you go on vacations. So don’t listen to his whining. When he stops then you give him your attention or when he is in his kennel, ignore him.

  2. thing says:

    He’s being a normal puppy. Pups find being alone to be a horrible punishment, and dogs are really social animals. It would be a good idea to let him out into the kitchen when you’re at home and can keep an eye on him, and then when he has accidents inside the house you can reprimand him. It’ll make it easier to potty train him, otherwise he might get the idea that it’s a good idea to go to the loo in the kitchen because he’ll think that’s what he’s supposed to do.

    An exercise pen isn’t enough, it still means that he’s being separated from you- it’s not as comfortable as comfortable gets because he’s lonely, in the same way as a tv or radio and some toys don’t substitute for friends and companionship for human kids.

    What do do- keep him where he can get to you when you’re at home- he doesn’t have to be under your feet, just somewhere where he doesn’t feel like he’s being excluded. Then when you leave, give him a big walk around an hour beforehand so that he’s too tired to make much of a fuss when you go. When he starts walking slower, and dragging his feet, and just looking tired then you start to head for home, and he should sleep through the separation when you go. Pups shouldn’t be left alone for more than a few hours (4-6) so if you’re out longer, get someone to check on him and play with him.

  3. iluvcrippy says:

    I find that the ol’ slammin a puppy in a pillow case trick works wonders.

  4. LuckyCharms says:

    I have two Shi Tzu puppies.. Spend a good half hour playing with him and giving him all your attention before you put him in his kennel each day.. And when you get home do the same thing. He may just need a little extra attention to calm him down. Let him run around outside in the yard to wear him out before you put him in too.. That will wear him out to the point that he may just be exhausted and sleep most of the time he is in the kennel. Good luck!

  5. Nnifer says:

    He’s a very young man and he’s having separation anxiety. Try putting him in a smaller kennel with a warm water bottle and possibly an old fashioned alarm clock that ticks and wrap it in a towel to put with him. Or if you are willing, buy one of those teddy bears for babies with the womb sounds. It will make him feel like he’s with mom.

    That way he won’t turn destructive and he has his own place to hide and feels comfortable.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. Dr. KIA GCG says Suckit Whores™ says:

    then you shouldn’t have gotten a puppy, especially a small whiney pup like a shi tzu.
    why are you crating him when you’re home instead of potty training?

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