My Neighbor’s Dogs are Aggressive and Biting our Dog and Those of our Other Neighbors Despite a Privacy Fence


They have promised to erect a privacy barrier to prevent them from getting through our privacy fence but have not followed through after 3 months nor paid the vet bills for the injuries to our dog. What recourse do we have at this point? we are willing to forget the Vet bill if we could just be able to allow our Pug to use the backyard again.

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8 Responses to “My Neighbor’s Dogs are Aggressive and Biting our Dog and Those of our Other Neighbors Despite a Privacy Fence”

  1. rmbrruffian says:

    Get a lawyer. They are liable for your vet bills. If they will not control their dog, call animal control. Animal Control will cite them. If they still do not control their dog, they will take it away.

    Edit: I would not throw treats over the fence to their dogs. Yes it could give them ideas – the idea to poison your dog. If they won’t control their dog, I wouldn’t put it past them to poison someone else’s dog.

  2. Jenny Manyteeth says:

    Call the police, animal control and an attorney.

  3. luvexotics says:

    I’m confused… if you have a fence how is their dog able to bite yours?

    If he is biting through holes in the fence then I suggest getting picture proof of the dog crossing the barrier into your yard. You can use these as proof and then contact your local animal control or police non-emergency and file a report.

    If this does not get them to fix the problem, keep following up and keep reporting.

    You can take them to small claims court for the vet bills. This might help, even though you are willing to forgive the bills. Forcing them through the courts to pay, may be the motivation they need to prevent the problem from happening again.

    You could also fix your fence so that their dog is not able to get in to your yard. If your fence is secure enough then another dog will not be able to harm your dog through the fence.

  4. Connor says:

    yes report them it pains me to say that and have somebody lose their dog bet if you have already tried to be nice and they have not done anything for that long i guess you will have to report them but first threaten but dont take another 3 months to do it if they dont do anything about it give them a week but you should have the right to let your dog use your own backyard without fearing for its saftey

  5. ChichiMom says:

    Report the dogs to animal control officer. And take your neighbor to civil court

  6. thefinalresult says:

    ever hear of a shotgun…….. not that I’d ever tell anyone to use it, do not, just typing out loud
    call animal control and throw dog treats over the fence for the neighbor’s dog to eat, it’s not illegal, but it will get them thinking……

  7. Jessie says:

    Have you called animal control? That will get their attention 🙂

  8. pennysgrand says:

    Report your neighbors to animal control or to the police. You’ve already tried the neighborly approach and they could care less because it’s not their dog being bitten. You may feel some guilt for reporting them but if this behavior is not corrected your dog could lose his life or a neighborhood child could be bitten or worse. REPORT THEM! REPORT THEM! REPORT THEM ASAP!

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