My neighbor put his hand through our fence and our dog bit him. Can they take our dog away?


Our dog has had his shots. He is a pit bull, and I know how a lot of people hate them. I was @ work when this happened. The neighbor told my son that something needs to happen to the dog.

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13 Responses to “My neighbor put his hand through our fence and our dog bit him. Can they take our dog away?”

  1. Rayven ~ Life's a B says:

    Of course they can, whether you get the dog back or its PTS however is a different matter.

    Call and talk with a lawyer AND animal control.

    Was the dog outside by himself?

    Why was your neighbor reaching through the fence. < IF you are lucky and live in an area smart enough to have on the books law pertaining to dog bites that happen to people who are on your property without permission and once his hand was through the fence he was trespassing you may get lucky.

    How bad was the bite?

    did your son actually witness the bite? Did anyone else?

  2. Squirting Lime says:

    Ok here is my answer for you..
    1) Why was the neighbor even bothering to put his hand through the fence? Is he trying to tease the dog or taunt it? If so, it isn’t your dog’s fault. Pit bulls do tend to be aggressive at times. But if he was trying to wave hello to your son, or if he was trying to pick something up that dropped through the fence, then yes, your dog should be punished, or you should take charge and simply pay a fine for allowing your dog to nip your neighbor.
    But if the neighbor stuck his hand through the fence for no practical reason, say if he wanted to rest his arm or just wave it around, then it is neither ones fault and the neighbor should simple forget it.
    2) Was the neighbor hurt, or was his hand bleeding? Believe it or not, if your neighbor ends up being ill or sick, treatment is required immediately, and it is your responsibility to pay his medical bill if any SEVERE injury has occured.
    3) Good Luck.

  3. Ru says:

    He shouldn’t be able to, because 1. putting his hand through the fence and there fore onto your property without permission is trespassing, and 2. by sticking his hand out in a way available to the dog to bite him when the dog shouldn’t have been given the chance in the first place.
    You should probably have a sign hanging up saying "beware of dog" or something.

  4. K Cali22 says:

    It depends. I mean, if he presses charges, if he doesnt….what kind of charges…..when it happened, where it happened (your property, so you have an argument there)….was the dog vaccinated….(yes, have an argument there…), how long you’ve had the dog, the breed (i know how everyone craps on pit bulls)…..why was the guy sticking his hand through the fence anyways? Dog’s yard, back off.

  5. Jason says:

    Tough situation. You’re gonna have to look into state, county, and city laws. I would like to think that if someone entered my "space" and my dog did nail them that it would be there fault. On the flip side what if it was a small child. If I was you I would immediately get to the store and buy the invisible fence and set it up so the dog can’t get to your actual fence. You need to do something right away so that if the authorities come to investigate you can say you did something rather than nothing…. Good luck!

  6. JOAN W says:

    It depends on your state/local laws & the dog’s bite history. You are responsible for your dog behavior at all times though it might be taken into consideration neighbor placed his hand inside your property. You would be liable for medical bills.(or your ins. co, would be) You can check your laws & see the steps you need to take next.

  7. warrenjudew says:

    As long as he was inside the fence and meets all the requirements of the city, you have nothing to worry about. But this neighbor may have it in for you so I would be sure that all my gates were locked and secure, he could let the dog out and then claimed it escaped. I also would keep it inside if I’m not home, he could try to poison it also.

  8. Emma says:

    the neighbor is upset and reasonably so, however it is their fault. your dog was protecting his territory. Make sure that you have proof of vaccinations ready. good luck. also you might want to put up a beware of dog sign so that this doesnt happen again

  9. Laura says:

    It’s hard without knowing all the details. On one hand, why was the man putting his hand through your fence? I’m sure he wasn’t doing it to try and get bitten, but it’s still your property. On the other hand, your dog was unsupervised and your dog was the one who did the biting. No-one here can really speculate what will happen becaue we don’t know all the details, or even what country you’re in.

  10. Shopper says:

    The answer is no because no one should stick their hand in your yard and that is trespassing. So she is the one who would be getting in trouble.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Be pro-active and call the city or whichever authority to find out.

    I have no idea why your neighbour would put his hand through your fence. You may want to put up privacy fencing instead.

  12. Lilla ♥ says:

    No I do not believe so. He came on your property so there is a chance of him getting bit. Simply explain to the man, it was a complete accident and it will not happen, again.

  13. BYB's kill 1,000,000 dogs/yr says:

    I’m having a hard time understand why your dog was left outside unsupervised.

    If the dog is found to be dangerous, regardless of where the incident took place, yes, the dog can be taken from you and killed. With Pit Bull breeds, some cities have an immediate death sentence when they bite.

    You need to contact a lawyer immediately, not a bunch of 12 year olds on Yahoo Answers who don’t actually understand dangerous dog laws.

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