My friends dog bit a guy after the guy walked into fenced yard. Who’s responsible for medical bill? ?


The neighbor was having their house worked on and some stuff fell into my friends yard so the guy goes into the fenced yard where the dog is kept and the dog bit him and the guy had to have stitches.

Who is legally responsible for the bill?

The dog also is now in doggy jail for 10 days and my friend was told he has to pay for each day his dog is in jail.

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6 Responses to “My friends dog bit a guy after the guy walked into fenced yard. Who’s responsible for medical bill? ?”

  1. teddybear.mcdonald says:

    Obviously, the owner of the dog. The reason why is because the dog was apparently not properly restrained from getting loose into the yard.

  2. Graciegirl-Defending the Breed says:

    depends on several things. did the person enter thru an open gate? do you have signs posted beware of dog? the list goes on. i would consult an attorney and make sure you have every fact together and take pictures of the yard, fence, gates and signs.

  3. happy2luvk9s says:

    did you friend have signs saying "BEWARE OF DOG"? If not he is probably going to have to foot the bill for the stitches but the clown should have had the common courtesy too of asking if he could go into the yard to begin with. Tell your friend to get a lawyer, put up signs on the gates letting people know that there is a dog on the property as well as locks on the gates where from now on they will have to get permission to gain access to the yard.

  4. john n says:

    gee that sucks. make sure ur friend puts up large signs warning that there is a guard dog on duty so no one else will go in. he should call a lawyer and get some advice concerning the medical bills. the person who got bit was trespassing and should not have gone into the yard in the first place but having signs that are visable are a must in most places.he might be able to get some info from the local police or humane societies about the laws. good luck

  5. Ummmm, yeah... says:

    Probably need an attorney!

  6. z z says:

    It really depends on your state…if the guy does end up taking your friend to small claims court, the judge might see that the guy trespassed onto your friend’s property and therefore he’s reliable for his own negligence.

    Still, his pup would probably still have a mark against him sort to speak and your friend will still have to pay "doggy jail fees".

    Good luck.

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