My dog wont stop digging holes. What can i do to stop him?…?


I know dogs dig for reasons like boredom, anxiety and other stuff. My dog ( a miniature schnauzer) is digging holes from my back yard fence to my neighboors yard… The problem is, my neighbors have 2 very aggresive dogs, a german shepard and a rotwieler. Yesterday i came home to find a hole so big, my dog could fit throught it easily. I covered it with large rocks, but still this morning he was digging in that same area. My dog is the one that starts the barking and gets out of control the minute he smells the other dogs. Im afraid those dogs will hurt him or me if he’s able to get through the hole my dog is digging. My neighbors dogs killed my 4 month Bichon Frise, by pulling him through a small crack in the fence. What can i do? I’ve tried dog repellent spray, and that doesnt seem to work either…. :/

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7 Responses to “My dog wont stop digging holes. What can i do to stop him?…?”

  1. hunleys_mom says:

    Don’t leave your dog out there unattended, if the dogs next door have already killed one of your dogs u shouldn’t be worried they might hurt your new dog……you should be certain they will if they get the chance……

  2. bunny_luvr15 says:

    have u tried punishing the dog whenever u see him digging holes? it may take a little while but if every time u see him digging holes tell it bad dog. thats how wew got our dog to stay out of the street but since u have a smaller dog it may not work as well as it did with my dog. good luck!

  3. Be_Responsible_People!! says:

    Obedience classes work really well at behavior modification

  4. rich b says:

    petco has a product that you sprinkle ( like seed ) around the fence, this should take care of your problem, it worked for me. good luck!

  5. JOEY says:

    De-claw him.

  6. thats-sweeet/ says:

    Why dont you try taking him to an animal therapist?

  7. Pet Stop Of Charleston S.C. says:

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