My dog Muffin’s new electric fence


My dog’s first day with the new electric fence

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25 Responses to “My dog Muffin’s new electric fence”

  1. oo0GameOver0oo says:


  2. weo1weo1weo1 says:

    I know a farm dog that will not go withing 20 meters of the fence, she is very scared of it but due to the owner’s large property they can not keep up with maintainig a real fence… sorta feel bad but atleast she’s not smeared on the rode

  3. Metonium says:

    @sarahclrk0 How bout training your fuckin animal to stay inside the lawn without either? dumbass.

  4. amadaria says:

    @WarhawkSoldiers That’s why the dog is trained on a leash. At first it wont know what to do when it gets shocked, but you teach it to stay away. It wont ever learn that if it keeps going forward then the shocking will stop once it gets an equal distance from the other side. You want it to think that inside the boundary is the only shock-free zone.

  5. amadaria says:

    @TheeCornFedWhiteBoy The yelp wasnt from pain, it was from surprise. If you’ve had experience with lots of dogs in the past you learn there’s more than one kind of yelp. Electronic fences are for those who cant afford or dont want unsightly mesh fences in their yards.

  6. MrBaileypuppy says:

    @WarhawkSoldiers it has about a 3-4 ft span on both sides. but its being trained on a leash to teach it to come back in when the static is delivered

  7. tidus142u says:

    @bandidagen i know rite my dog got ran over

  8. DakotaS281 says:

    they should put these things on crackfiends so it can take them off the stuff every time a fiend goes to buy crack at a house they get shocked and sound like the dude from best cry ever video

  9. shiggyish says:

    thats meen

  10. bibisparents2 says:

    hahaha i am buying this for my dog …..he dont listen.

  11. Gr8Govinda says:

    My daughter needs one of those for her rougish dog. He’s a great protection and a great buddy, but he still likes to get out and roam from time-to-time. We fear for his safety.

  12. TheeCornFedWhiteBoy says:

    @pialuna your messed up..why would even own a dog?

  13. WarhawkSoldiers says:

    Just wondering, when the dog gets shocked, couldn’t it just jump forward to get out of the fence? Or does it continuously keep on shocking until you get back into the boundaries?

  14. pialuna says:

    My dogs (2) needs to be clear of my furniture and garden, they will destroy everything when we are not arround, I rather install an electric fence than let my DOGS not Human, Dog= animal, destroy my house!!!! I love my kids/wife and family( most of them) I do not love my dogs I like them and treat them properly but I don’t love them like little kids they are dogs.

  15. firemonkeysrule says:

    @Flayer1 I know but, I haved lived in America since the age of 4.
    So, I meant I have been a resident of America.

  16. Flayer1 says:


    HAHA you are not an american if you are not born in america. No matter how much you try to tell yourself that you know its not true 😉 a white guy cant be an african just cause he moves to africa.

  17. firemonkeysrule says:

    @kirkey99 I actually meant to put 2 times a week.

  18. kirkey99 says:

    Bathing a dog 3 times a week huh?
    Did it loose all fur from dry skin yet? Cos it will if you keep it up, “mr treat my dog very nicely”.

  19. firemonkeysrule says:

    @nalgaface123456789 Yep. 🙂

  20. nalgaface123456789 says:

    I noticed your picture was of the exploited, a very good band indeed.

  21. firemonkeysrule says:

    @nalgaface123456789 Racist, You need to be trapped in a damn electric fence.
    And some of us are good pet owners, I treat my dog very nicely.
    I bathe it 3 times a week. Feed it regularly. And play with it so it doesn’t get lazy.
    I may not have been born in America, But I am an American.

  22. nalgaface123456789 says:

    typical americans with their pets
    Their apparent lack of knowledge of animal behaviour will be their downfall

  23. phubbie says:

    fucking cruel cunt!!! Sick fucks like you shouldn’t have any contact with animals!!!!

  24. SaraSidleXShego says:

    it makes me sad to see how people need to fall back on pain to control their pets. if i go outside with my dog and tell him to stop, he will stop because he knows im the pack leader, is that so hard to understand?

  25. PainTrane01 says:


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