My dog keeps jumping the fence!?


I have an almost 2yr old pit/mix that keeps getting out of my back yard. I found a new home for the dog that initially showed him how to jump the 5′ fence. I’ve tried the electric fence (didn’t phase him). I’ve tried keeping him in the house and then letting him in the backyard just to use the bathroom. If you don’t watch and wait for him to do what he needs to do and then call for him to come in, he’ll be gone before you know it. When he gets out he won’t come to me at all. I used to be able to let him out without a leash and he’d walk around with me. Now he runs. I give him tons of attention. When he’s in the house he has the WHOLE house and I leave a radio or tv on as I did when he was a pup to "comfort" him. He minds in every way except for jumping the fence and roaming the streets. Does anybody have any idea of what else I could do?? I can’t and won’t put him on a chain in the yard. The electric fence was bad enough.

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5 Responses to “My dog keeps jumping the fence!?”

  1. ms manners says:

    Did you do invisible fencing or hotwire for the "electric" fence?

    Many dogs will go through invisible fencing, but I have only had one dog who would go through hotwire. I have cured him of that (as well as taking off when he got out) with a remote collar.

    You need to exercise your dog more, and then I would recommend one of those two alternatives.

  2. Bobbie L says:

    Bored, under exercised dogs jump fences. Enroll your dog in some classes, obedience, agility, etc. I have a four foot chainlink fence that my dogs would NEVER think of jumping.

  3. L says:

    Is your dog "fixed"? If not, I suggest you get it done. Better for your dog, calms him down and he won’t go "searching". This is one of the reasons dogs escape – they are looking for a mate or friend.

  4. Autumn says:

    Extend the height of your fences. I have 6ft fences with a 3 ft lattice extension all they way around the top of the fence = 9ft fencing. Never had a dog escape..

    Your dog will be hit by a car if he’s out roaming the streets or maybe he’ll be picked up by animal control and impounded.

  5. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

    1. Taller fence
    2. He needs more than attention he needs EXERCISE AND SOMETHING TO DO. Your dog is bored.

    If he hasn’t been through obedience training yet, find a class and start taking him. Find an activity for him – agility, flyball, weight pull whatever. Take his butt on at least TWO good long walks everyday and work in at least 45 minutes of structured play.

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