My dog keeps escaping our invisible fence system and we cannot stop her from running through it.?


we tightened and turned up her collar, took off the delay, and put in new batteries. she will just decide to go and pick a spot to run across and run through like its no big deal, and when you call her she comes back without a though, and doesnt get stuck outside of it like most other dogs. what should i do?

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8 Responses to “My dog keeps escaping our invisible fence system and we cannot stop her from running through it.?”

  1. BCDawgMa **Luv My Chynna** says:

    Real fence. Take her out on leash until then.

  2. Beth J: In the Pits says:

    These fences work very well for some dogs. And then there are the ones that they are just not going to work for. Your dog sounds like one of those. Return the "invisible fence" and purchase a real one. Or purchase a dog kennel for your dog to stay in while she is outside.

  3. sunshine says:

    try a chain-link fence

  4. kaijawitch says:

    it’s been proven time and again that those don’t work for all dogs.. (check craigslist lost and found ads, you’ll see how many say "went through electric fence" or "has electric fence collar on".. )

    You need to find something else.. if the dog is kept outside for long periods of time, I’d suggest a pen.. that has a top and a bottom.. I have a beagle that even a normal fence can’t keep in.. (and he’s not outside for more then 10 minutes.. he can be over the gate in 2)

    I don’t know what kind of dog you have, but most high prey drive, or hunting dogs don’t do well with those electronic things.

  5. imcrazy189 says:

    I don’t know what breed your dog is but if she is anything like huskies those fences won’t work. Huskies just want to run so badly that they will endure the shock to get out. Then if they decide they want to come back home they will be reluctant to come back on your property because they will be getting shocked.

  6. felicia says:

    try training her to not cross it.

    PLEASE answer my question:

  7. Laura says:

    get a real fence. return the collar.

  8. BYB's ♥ small IQs says:

    Yep, this is one of the myriad of problems with those electrocution fences. If the dog wants out, they will "play through the pain" to get what and where they want.

    What should you do? Don’t leave your dog outside unsupervised and get a real 6ft solid fence.

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