My dog jumps the fence can u help?


one day when i was walking to the bus my german shepherd sees me and all of a sudden, he goes crazy. he starts barking and barking, and whining as if he is telling me to come back well as i finally made it down to the stop he climbs the fence and pushes himself over i dont know what to do. ive tried training with him but hes still stubborn as hell. he’s a 7 month old puppy.. why does he behave like this and how can i stop it?

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8 Responses to “My dog jumps the fence can u help?”

  1. Michael E says:

    if you crate your dog when you leave, then he knows its time to rest. its a safe place and you could leave something of your scent with him to comfort him while he’s growing up.

  2. PawPrintz says:

    Cause you have to train him. When you leave for the bus.. Leave the dog in the house so he can’t watch you leave.

  3. gringo4541 says:

    Have your dad string an electric fence around the perimeter of the fence. The electric fence should be several inches (8-12) inside of the regular fence but not so far from it that your dog can crawl between the two fences. Usually the dog only needs to bump the electric fence once or twice and he will stay far away from it and no more jumping or climbing over the regular fence.

  4. tilii says:

    Very Simple. Get a nice sturdy tie down for the yard…..and then get the longest lead(there are leads up to 100 feet long) you can find that will take him almost all the way to the fence but will stop him from reaching it. Then you don’t have to worry about him jumping it anymore. Either that or you need a higher fence. I have a rotating tie down(keeps the lead from getting tangled and available at Walmart) in the center of my back yard that can accomodate both of my dogs. They each have a 35 foot lead and that gives them access to the entire radius(70 feet) of the back yard. More than enough room to run, jump, play ball, chase each other, roam.

  5. kittenslayer says:

    Well, obvious thing would be to not leave him unattended in the backyard. He sees you, and he wants to be with you, not alone and bored in the yard.

    What methods have you tried to train him? He’s probably not "stubborn as hell," its much more likely you aren’t training him effectively and getting him to understand what you want.

    There are products designed to make a fence unclimbable, called coyote rollers or fence toppers.

  6. Amanda says:

    You might consider obedience class or if you own your home you could try that invisible fence. Your cheapest solution would be a chain, which is sad since there’s a fence. Patience is a must though, in time he will understand he can’t be with you every minute. Wont really mean he would want to though. Good luck.

  7. THE DAWG. says:

    A tether/chain,make sure he can’t reach fence as to he will hang himself usually 2 ft.from fence at least

  8. sstuffy22 says:

    Is there any way he can be inside when you leave? He may just be missing you, not stubborn! How would you feel if everyday you got to watch your mom leave and not know where she went, what she was doing, when she was gettin back, and you were all by yourself (little old 7 month self).
    Have fun with this stage, its the last of puppy stage! onto adolescence.

    ADD: oh dear, be VERY careful with adding a lead on the 7 MONTH OLD PUPPY. especially if he’s by himself for any lenth of time, he could hurt himself on it. He could irritate (sore and red) his neck from pulling, if something/someone comes after him he cant get away, he could choke himself on it, if he manages to get over the fence with it on (it can happen) he could kill himself. Not to mention what it could do to his feet/legs if they get caught or tangled.

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