my dog jumped the fence and was hung for a while will he be ok?


we had him chained up for a bit and somehow it came undone, but it was still connected to the leash. He jumped over the fence and the chain got caught. He was hanging. He seems ok other than the slobbering and panting a lot. Should I take him in?

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8 Responses to “my dog jumped the fence and was hung for a while will he be ok?”

  1. Dances With Woofs ~ RIP,Mama ~ says:

    You need to take him to the vet.He may have injured his neck or throat and if it swells during the night,he could strangle to death. Take him now! And don’t chain him anymore,build a higher fence or use a cable that is less likely to get caught than a chain!

  2. vpbanjo says:

    He should go to the vet. The slobbering & panting is a sign of possible injury. There are delicate structures in the neck. Also, your dog may have been without oxygen.

    It is not good for your dog to be restrained by a chain or any other device without:
    being watched
    making sure there are no possibilities of
    getting tangled
    You & your dog would be much happier spending time together in the house, going for walks ( very, very important for good mental & physical health), and working on basic obedience. This way your dog doesn’t have to be chained outside alone.

  3. Chris says:

    take him to the vet asap. there could be a big problem you cant see. it could be fatal. dont chance it. play it safe go now.

  4. PARKERD says:

    If you found your kid hanging by his neck off a fence would you not take him to the ER?

    Take your dog to the vet.

  5. Rosalie says:

    PLEASE take your dog to the vet immediately- there are so many things that could have been damaged by this!

    And get rid of the chain – this is a classic example of why no dog should *ever* be attached to a rope or a chain. It is simply not safe, and your dog likely has some damage that needs a vet. Now.

  6. MakeupSecret says:

    if he starts showing weird signs you may want to take him to a vet to check for internal bleeding.

    just give him alot of water. and if you feel you need to, its always a good choice to take him to a vet.

  7. Gidget12 says:

    I don’t think that it is necessary maybe just call you vet and tell them what happened and they can tell you if it is necessary.

  8. dorothy s says:

    This is just one of the dangers that a dogs is exposed to if it is left outside. There are numerous other problems, for example your dog could be stolen, abused, stray or be attacked by thugs or other animals. I am surprised that he did not hang himself on the chain.

    In this day and age it is not safe to leave a dog outside, he needs to live in the house.

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