My dog has been attacked twice with in a week?


Once by a pitbull (no puncture wounds amazingly but his back end was so sore he didnt even want to get up and i couldnt pick him up, hes only 12lbs) this was in my yard and the neighbors pitbull broke thru their fence, my dog was on his leash as always. And then the other neighbors rottweiler was lose when I went to take my dog out to go to the bathroom and approached my dog, I had to throw him into the house and the other dog tried to come in!! I’m really freaked out now my little dog could never defend himself against those dogs, and the neighbors are all very neglectful and I will be calling animal control every time this happens. the first occasion my dog had to go to the vets and I was very afraid he had a slipped disc or something he was actually ok, and had to be on pain meds for a week. anyway what is you’re advice for breaking dogs up if this happens again, im going to carry him out of the house when we go if theres no dogs around then let him down to go to the bathroom, but what if this happens in public when were walking him?? should I get mace? what is the best idea? thanks
with the first incident the pitbull took him in his mouth by his back end and flung him across the yard, the second one didnt end up getting ahold of him
we live in an apartment complex, i WISH we had a fenced in yard

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14 Responses to “My dog has been attacked twice with in a week?”

  1. my 14 yr old yellow lab was killed by our neighbors pitbull mix last friday. I came home from work and called to him and my boxer and only my boxer came. I went out to find my lab standing w his face half ripped off through the fence, and their dog staring at me. This isn’t the first time either, once before our lab had to get stitches, but managed to get away from him. They never said sorry and they got their dog back because no one saw the attack. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen or been through and I can’t believe w 2 small children and another dog that they actually want it back. We asked them to put up a fence, and all they proceeded to do was use our fence to attach some chicken wire to, my family and i are devastated over this, and just can’t believe they got the dog back. My 7 yr old asks him to come back from Heaven everyday, and these people continue to live happily ever after. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I can do. I’m an animal lover in every way, and never once thought their dog should be put down, but My God, move him far away, and take the neighbors too! We are heartbroken!

  2. Bear says:

    How do they act? First, they approach the victim, by using some attractive photos that are usually uploaded from the Internet. Second, they are ”grooming” the victim; they establish some lovely correspondence with you, talking about unconditional trust and her honesty. Also, the letters become long, flowery and romantic, and even call the guy ” my love’’, ” my prince” and so on. She pretends to fall in love with you and talk about her dreams of your first meeting. The next step is to asking for money; after they will come to present you a sad situation, in which they are passing now, will be asking for your help. Such as: they would really like to meet you but do not have enough money or those they have been robbed and beaten and require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness. Even if you get in the trap, they will not stop here, and trying to milking the victim for money as much as possible, using different lies as reasons. And finally, take place the disappearing act; start getting out
    little by little, sending only few messages and then disappearing at all.

  3. Bear says:

    I take everything I said back. I realize that you are not over-reacting and you should not have to give away your dog just because other people are negligent with their dogs.

    I’m very sorry to have blamed you for not socializing your dog well. It is not your fault that other negligent people with large dogs are putting your dog in danger.

    However, I have to say, that based on my own outrageous statements, please realize that if you attempt to protect your dog by carrying mace, a tazer, or a small knife, you might be attacked by the derelict owner while defending your small dog against their large dog. The best defense is a gun.

    If the owners are also renters, you can find the property owner’s name – public record, often online, and write them a letter stating that their tenants own dangerous breeds that have acted aggressively and attacked your dog. Specifically state that they can and will be sued if the tenant’s dog attacks. Usually, property owners don’t want to take on the liability of dangerous dogs. Send the letters certified or registered so that you have proof the recipient got the letter and keep a copy of the letter for yourself. Once having been notified of the presence of the dog, they cannot claim ignorance, realize that they can be sued, and will usually demand the dog be removed.

    Again, I am so very sorry that I was such a bone head in my previous comments. You are not to blame, nor should you have to live in fear of morons like myself.

  4. Curtis M WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY! says:

    You should’ve called Animal Control or the cops. You can carry mace or bear spray as well.

    Personally I’d have shot them both. Both were on your property threatening the life if your dog.

    All you have to say is "I was defending myself from bodily harm"…Cops speak that language fluently and can relate completely 🙂

    -edit- Oh an apartment complex…actually, you’d still be justified in shooting either of them! One actually had your dog in it’s mouth, the other tried to push it’s way into your door. Enough said.

  5. alyssa m says:

    When I’m walking my Rott, it’s usually the smaller dogs that come up to him. Then they run off when he pounces like he wants to play. One time my pug was grabbed by the neck by a Rott and he defended him salf by bitting his nose. Sometimes dogs get lose and want to explore other dogs around, it just happens, but if it becomes way too common to where it becomes a nuisance then call animal control.

  6. Hoolagal says:

    first you should sue the owner of the dog that sent yours to the vet, even if it is a small amount, sends a good message … if you have the money a pocket stun gun is the only way to go … it might be a good investment money wise because what would you rather spend your money on, a giant vet bill for your dog almost being killed or a tool to protect your dog from just that … you live where weapons are embraced, embrace one yourself … you can beat these dogs with two by fours and they will not let go …. if you mace it, you could mace yourself and your dog too and still it might not let go … a stun gun held to the dog for only three seconds will incapacitate him … and if it was me, the attacking dog would receive the stun gun for even longer to really inflict pain … might be worth the investment

  7. Gabbie LOVES raw meat! says:

    ALWAYS call animal control any time something like this happens. And do report the neighbors to the landlord. When a dog approaches you, SCREAM at the dog. Raise H*LL! They usually retreat. Not only that, it will embarrass the people good. One time some months back I screamed at the top of my lungs so that ALL the neighborhood could here…"I WISH TO GOD PEOPLE WOULD WATCH THEIR ANIMALS!" The dog retreated, and very embarrassed owner(might I add she weighs about 350lbs) came out…in a T shirt and underwear…no one should have to see that. And DO call animal control. I’ve had this happen quite a bit with my dogs. We live in a trailer park, and Heaven only knows how many idiots own dogs here. I’m always walking my dogs when a huge dog will come bounding up towards them.

  8. Bear says:

    first let me say I have a very large dog and if someone ever maced or starting hitting him with a break stick (or stun gun! OMG you have to be kidding me) the human would see my fist in their face over and over. second not all large dogs are going to hurt your dog so you might end up macing a dog who means no harm. my dog just wouldn’t do it, he is actually quiet afraid of the little dogs because of the nipolean complex and tends to hide behind me when little yappy dogs bark and chase him. I’ve met little dogs in my building around 10 – 15lbs who get along just fine with my 125lbs dog. so maybe it has something to do with how you have socialized your dog as well. at this point you are showing fear toward any large dog which in turn the dog will show fear. the best way to break up a dog fight is water, either a bottle, spray bottle, or hose. I like the idea of a fog horn. look into a dog park that has a small dog section. its a good socialization tool and a good spot to let the dog run around off leash. no dog should have to live its whole life on a leash or in the apartment, that is just cruel.

    if you are that worried the dog will be hurt why not give him away to someone who has the space to take care of him in a fully fenced enclosure.

    I just want to say one thing to all the responses of causing harm to the larger dogs. one you don’t know what the humans reaction could be. you might stun gun, hit with a stick or mace their dog and they might shoot you with a gun, (we live in a crazy world) and two, you could cause serious harm to their dog or your dog in the process. is it humane to stun gun a dog? and three NOT EVERY LARGE DOG IS OUT TO HURT LITTLE DOGS. I’m sorry you have had a bad experience, but don’t hold it against every large dog.

  9. YMRNR says:

    Unfortunately your 12lb small breed dog will never be able to defend himself from an attack from a much larger and powerful breed as a pit or a rottie. They can pick him up and one good shake and he’s dead, it’s happened several times at my dog park and not out of aggression either.

    It’s up to you to protect your dog, can you not take him out back to potty and do his business where the neighbors dogs won’t see you? Or carry him away and put him down elsewhere. if you have a neighborhood where the neighbors don’t care if their dogs are out on the loose and there are laws then yes animal control should be called and the pit reported for biting, the dog would have been quarantined for 10 days by animal control. You live in an apt complex? the management company should have their own rules governing dogs in the complex, these people who allow their dog to roam needed to be reported to the management company for failure to contain their dog. I’m sure they dont’ allow people to just let their dog wander.

    When a dog hits the red zone mace is pointless but I would get one of those fog horns that they use at football games and use that if one comes running, the sound alone should scare the bejesus out of the dog and cause them to go running.

  10. vonhintz says:

    have you talked to the owner of the other dogs? it seems like they should be paying the vet bills. dog that run free are a nuisance for sure. I would continue to call animal control if the owners won’t agree to keep there dogs under Control. yes mace is a good idea even for your own safety. good luck

  11. Liz says:

    Make sure you have a hose handy in your yard. If your dog should be attacked again, then spray the attacking dog with the hose; it should stop it. Another option is one of those bark-silencers. It releases a high pitch sound that only dogs can hear. Though it is typically used for stopping a dog from barking, I’m sure it would be an effective way to stop the dog from whatever it is doing. It’s painful for their ears, so understand that your dog will hear it too, but it could be well worth it.

  12. ... says:

    I am so sorry about that. I understand. I’ve seen a big dog attack a little really cute dog. think you should speak to the owner of the rottweiler.

  13. . says:

    Is your yard not fenced in? That’s a fool proof way to keep other dogs out. (Unless you live in an apartment complex?)

    I would carry mace, and a large stick, or Break Stick. Even a loud fog horn.

  14. Rachel says:

    Breaking up dog fights are dangerous. You could get hurt in the process. Mace…I don’t know — same thing: you may end up accidently spraying yourself or some of the debris drifting into your eyes.

    Calling animal security is definitely a good idea. Don’t give up doing that.

    Is there not some park or dog friendly area you can take your dog? Hop in the car and conduct things that way until things are sorted out with your neighbors dogs?

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