My Dog Fence Fights Entirely Too Much.?


I have a six-year-old Golden Retriever named Noah.

He’s bigger than I am and weighs over 100 pounds, so I can barely snatch him.
I have inconsiderate next door neighbors. They have three dogs; a pug and two small dogs that I call "rats". Every time I let my dog out, they let theirs out and they start fence fighting. They’re the yappiest dogs that I have EVER heard. They bark at EVERYTHING. And when they start yapping at the fence, it gets my dog started.
The other day, my dog got fed up and actually grabbed one of their dogs. I yelled at my neighbor (they’re in their forties and I’m only seventeen) that one of these days I won’t hesitate to let me dog after theirs.

However, I need to break this habit. . . Is it possible?

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3 Responses to “My Dog Fence Fights Entirely Too Much.?”

  1. livin life says:

    on your side of the fence, put up a solid privacy fence. My neighbors have 3 dogs, 2 big one rat type, and when my dog goes outside they go balistic. Luckily my dog doesnt even care, and just walks calmly over and lifts his leg and pees on them.

  2. DaxExposesUrLies says:

    If you have half a brain cell it is very possible. The fact that you have allowed it at all makes me wonder if you are competent enough to do it though?

  3. Lisa says:

    God I no how you feel, i have a 3 year old staffy and I have the same problem, everytime I let her out the neighbours let theres out they have a jack russel and all it does is yap and it gets me peed off, my staffys fine until that one starts and then she does as shes only protectin her terrotry

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