my dog died 10 points?


these big dogs jumped our fence i mean she was old the big dog grabbed her by the neck and now shes dead shes been in this family for years and the owners could not control there dog i mean i was screaming i thought one of the other dogs died where all very sad do you think we should report them to the police or something !! what do we do about this

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13 Responses to “my dog died 10 points?”

  1. pots says:

    I am so sorry of what happened to your dog. Make a report to Animal Control and get an investigation started. Good luck in catching the irresponsible owner who let their dogs out like that and caused harm to other dogs and people. They deserve a fine.

  2. phx_gurl14 says:

    Yeahh!! report it.

  3. Francesca S says:

    I am so sorry about your dog =( i definitely think you should report them for not being able to control their dogs. Don’t do anything too serious like having the dogs put down, but you could suggest that they always wear a muzzle when they are outside or around any other dogs

  4. john ross says:

    yes you should call the police. maybe they can track the dogs back to where they came from. You can give them descriptions of the dogs.

    I am so sorry for your loss. You should hold these people accountable for their actions.

  5. howard b says:

    Yes report it Right away and if you must stop them from getting to your dog then if you can Shoot them.

  6. Haylie says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I had a kitten only about 2 months old. Her name was Aurora and I loved her so much. My neighbors dog seen her and I picked up my kitten. It jumped out of my arms and hissed at the dog. The dog wasn’t small nor large. All of a sudden the dog grabbed her by the neck and I had lost my Aurora. I hate the thought of her dead and alone. I knew that she had died once he snatched her neck. What you should do is just act like your dog is still there. Even though you can’t see, hear, or feel your dog, i’m sure that your dog is right beside of you just as if it was alive.

  7. My baby loves Cake~* says:

    I am surprised you havnt called the police when this happen. Call your city animal control and report your neighbor for not being able to keep there dog inside there OWN property. If I lost my dogs that way I would of called the police for a report at least. that way i can get the other dog’s owners in trouble. There is HUGE difference between a large dog who hops the fence to play and to KILL. report them immediately. or eles this will happen to other dogs in the neighborhood. If worse a CHILD or weak elderly.

  8. Abanoub says:

    reporting to the police will be the best thing to do, this way theses huge dogs wont kill or harm any animal or person.

  9. Emily says:

    yes you should report them to the animal cops or whatever you call them. or you could talk to the owners to do something about your dog.

    I’m very sorry for you. I’ve had 3 of my animals hit by a car and 1 of my kittens dissapered once.

  10. Nik says:

    i agree report them

    …..the title "my dog died 10 points" could be misinterpreted very easily.

  11. Julia R says:

    OMG! I am so sorry! I think you should report them to the police for not being able to control their own dog.
    Again, I am soooo sorry

  12. Comatose says:

    YES. Report them to the police. If these dogs just randomly attacked your dog, they could do it to a person, quite possibly a child, since they’re smaller. If they’re big dogs, they could easily kill someone.

  13. Chaoscleaner says:

    Absolutely report them to the Police and if you have an Animal Control in your area – to that as well. If you know what the dogs looked like and could describe them (besides big) that would be a help. Grabbing by the neck is a "death grab" – dogs don’t do it unless they intend to kill and these are dangerous dogs. You could also go around your neighborhood and ask people if they know who the dogs belong to. (People you know,)
    Your story is so, so sad and a complete nightmare in my mind.
    I’m so sorry for your loss…

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