my dog bit neighbor while he was on my property and dog was behind a fence?


now am i resposible to pay his medical bill? because i feel if he was never on my propety standing against my fence he would have never been bitten. there are multiple beware of dog signs posted. now he is trying to sue for 5,000

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    6 Responses to “my dog bit neighbor while he was on my property and dog was behind a fence?”

    1. Jarrod says:

      request an itemized receipt of medical expenses. also, find out if your fence is of regulation height and if the signs are enough. often if your dog bites someone it is your responsibility. however, if you have a gate that he opened uninvited to your yard without your knowledge then you should be able to get out of it. contact a lawyer though and ask for guidance.

    2. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      Get a lawyer.

    3. ms manners says:

      You will need to consult a lawyer.

      I do have to say that if I had a dog that was human aggressive, he would be confined well out of reach of any person he could hurt. Your neighbor should be able to stand by the fence, in his own yard, without being bitten by your dog.

      On the other hand, it seems unlikely that he would have $5000 in medical bills from being bitten through the fence.

    4. Into The Nothing says:

      Countersue for trespassing. He probably did that on purpose to get money out of you… pretty stupid of him.

    5. Jessie_jane says:

      you need to speak to a lawyer but by the sounds of it, he doesnt have a case
      it was your yard, the dog was behind the fence
      you have alot of signs up saying beware of dog etc..

      the only thing that would make him win is if you
      said he could pat the dog?
      or if you said come around the back, and thats when he got bitten when u invited him into your yard?
      did you warn him to watch out for the dog when you saw he was close to it?

    6. Felidire ♂ says:

      If he jumped your fence and was on your property without permission, then that’s a viable defense; even if you were talking to him and he jumped over to chat, then unless he has witnesses just deny everything. Say that you’ve warned him not to trespass on your property in the past and this is what happened die to his negligence.

      He’s obviously talking cráp, because half the time a dog could get a hold of your arm for 5 seconds and you’d be fine; it probably just nipped his finger or on his ass, am I right? I’d wait for him to follow through with his threats and then decide to consult a lawyer, but i’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have much of a case. You can also ask the lawyer if you can sue him for tresspassing in turn.

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