My dog bit my neighbor’s dog?


Hi I have had this problem for a while now….My neighbor put up a new fence a few years go, its a 6′ privacy fence. She leaves her dogs outside all day and all night (i think she works from home cause shes always there) and they bark and anything and everything, and if they get the chance can be fairly nasty little dogs… She owns two little yorkies.

Well thats just half of the problem the other half is I own a American Staf Terrier (pit). Hes not mean at all and he has been fixed, but everytime i let him out the little dogs harrass him into biting the fence my neighbor has put up… And over time he chews hols into the bottom of the fence. I have replaced the boards he chews through and have put up cinder block at the more active spots of the fence.. I have also asked her a few time to let me know if and when she ever brings her dogs inside to let me spend time with my dog outside with out it being harassed.. I ALWAYS bring my dog inside as soon as i hear him barking or goin at the fence and 95% of the time he is chained up so that he cant reach the fence! But today he got his nose through a new hole and bit the yorkie on the mouth..

Now the neighbor is FLIPPING out, yelling saying i need to buy her a whole new fence, and this is all my fault, and that she is going to take me to court…..(Her dog will be fine, no one worry ) She has called the Animal Control 2x since her dog was bit today.

I dont have much money, should i be worried about the vet bills and lawsuit..?

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11 Responses to “My dog bit my neighbor’s dog?”

  1. Divapom says:

    You are responsible. Go to your neighbor and apologize and offer to pay for the vet bills and fix the fence. Make payment arrangements if you have to. And stick to them. Try putting up hot wire along the fenceline where your dog is tearing up the fence. He should learn to stay away from it.

  2. Daisy says:

    You are absolutely responsible for her vet bills!! Her dogs were on her property .. and i dont care how much they "harass" your dog through the fence she was not in the wrong.

    You should be thankful that this situation was not much worse and your neighbor does not have a dead dog on her hands.

    Im not sure where you are but in most states a fence is the equal financial responsibility of both neighbors. Repair the fence .. and do it correctly.

    Having a loose AmStaff in a fence in poor repair is just plain negligence! In my opinion you are very poorly representing the breed by not taking every precaution to prevent your dog from having the opportunity to do damage to someone else’s pets and property.

    Remedy the situation immediately. Don’t let your dog be a statistic due to your irresponsibility.

  3. bluebonnetgranny says:

    I understand the situation but it is up to you to control your dog. If your dog has destroyed the fence it is up to you to see that it gets fixed.

    One of my friends lost her Poodle to a Pitt in very much the same situation. The Pitt tore a hole in the fence & killed her Poodle, then slipped back through the hole he came from. She was afraid to file charges, though she had just grounds to do so, but she was afraid of the neighbor because he kept dogs like that.

    Pitts are a real hazard & should be well trained to avoid this. You need to work with your dog to stop him from destroying property.

    Yes you will be held liable for any Vet charges & repairing the fence & stopping your dog from his bad behavior.

  4. The Sh*t says:

    Unfortunately, since it was your dog who is creating holes in the fence and since it is your dog who stuck his nose on their side and bit the other dog then it’s your responsibility and it’s considered your fault. You will probably have to pay the vet bills and you could get sued for the cost of the fence, although if she sues you may be able to convince the judge to let you pay for just the one board. Depending on your area, she could also get your dog labeled a vicious dog and you’d have to put him down.
    To be honest, I don’t really blame her for flipping out. She probably spent really good money on a nice fence that should keep her smaller dogs safe. It would be pretty damn obnoxious to have a much larger and, as much as you try to deny it, aggressive dog next door constantly chewing through the fence and trying to get after her dogs. (your dog is aggressive at least to other dogs or it wouldn’t have bit the thing at all period). In the future, you are going to have to keep much better control over your dog and show much more respect to her property if you don’t want any further legal action taken.

  5. TwistedxKiss says:

    Pay her expenses, and put either more cinder blocks up to block the fence, or do what my neighbors did and put hay bales in front of the fence. Her dog fights through the chain link fence with the two neighbor dogs, so they put hay bales in front of it so the dogs can’t get to each other. Your dog is the one biting through the fence, so you are responsible. But if you repair the fence, pay the vet bill, and prevent it from happening again, you should be fine.

  6. b_bardi99 says:

    unfortunately, yes, you should be worried about vet bills and replacing the fence.Your dog chews a hole to get at the neighbours dogs:this also depends what state you live in, your dog can be called a dangerous dog.You have to make more effort to put some wood or wire mesh at the bottom of the fence!
    Imagine if your dog got into the next yard and killed the 2 tiny terriers?
    you may laugh now, but your dog will be destroyed:check the fence every day.

  7. terri p says:

    2 suggestions come to mind. move and countersue

  8. key414 says:

    You can not help it. Tell your neighbor that she can’t leave her dogs outside all day. That is just rude. I don’t get why she is still keeping her dogs outside even though your dog bit them. She probably only has the dogs for attention and a fashion. She is just putting them in even more danger than they are already in! I do not like ur neighbor. I love dogs and she doesn’t care about them the slightest bit. She should not be keeping her dogs outside all of the day. Especially Yorkies! If a predator wanders into her yard, the Yorkies are gone for good!

    • Lucienda says:

      Dumbest comment ever. I leave my corgi mixed dogs outside all the time in my fenced backyard and I don’t do it to be showy. There is no law that you can’t leave your dogs out all day and night. I think the original poster needs to get control of her dog. I have antagonistic neighbors that let there dog loose by “accident” around the same time every single day and I am sick of it.

  9. Gypsy Girl says:

    You are responsible for everything your dog does. You should offer to pay the vet bill and replace the section of fence. A whole new fence should not be necessary. As far as the court is concerned, they will side with her saying that it is your fault and you should have restrained your dog. Unless the entire fence is torn up, they should not require you to replace the fence, only the sections that need repair. You might want to invest in cinder blocks for the entire fence line.

  10. Mark K says:

    you are responsible for your dog, you need to keep him on a leash or suffer the consequences of the law

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