My BIG DOG (^_^) help?


ok when playing outside she will be fine but when another dog walks by she goes running after it but she dosent bite them or anything she is super nice but she is going to get me into trouble i dont have a fence but i need to play with them outside and i dont know what to do because she runs after the people with dogs! and they are treatening me and i will die if they take my Princess away please suggest anything i dont want to use leashes because thats not fair my property is owned and i asked them if they had a pacific time of day they walk so i can keep my animals inside my neigbors cant afford a fence! idk what to do i dont want trouble but i have to have them outside for a bit because my house is small!

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2 Responses to “My BIG DOG (^_^) help?”

  1. Court says:

    I live in an apartment and I play games with my dog indoors. to help my dog with releasing energy I put a leash on him and take him on runs or long walks.
    You can be certain that if your dog keeps going after dogs nothing good will happen. (The other dog will attack it, the owner of the other dog will hurt her, or they will call the police and have your dog taken away.) Since your dog is big they can very easily take the dog away since in most states you are breaking the law by having your dog out and not on a leash. Leashes are intended to keep your dogs from getting hurt by other dogs. If you love your dog and you want to keep her – put a leash on her.

  2. larryyinger says:

    There are laws that you have to have a dog on a leash. You can get a training leash (about 25′ long) and she will still love to play outside.

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