my 5 year old open her friends gate and dog got out and bit her,what happens next?


she was playing at neighbor house with her little friend, my child open the fence and dog bit her, what happens next is it my daughters fault she got bit or in this case what will happen to her and the dog?

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15 Responses to “my 5 year old open her friends gate and dog got out and bit her,what happens next?”

  1. Holly louise x says:

    Your daughter is in the wrong. She opened the gate and got bit. She shouldn’t have done that.

    You need to take her to the doctor if theres blood, if not just forget the incident and tell the child not to do it again.

    You cannot get any punishment on the owner or dog as the dog was secluded and YOUR daughter released it.

    So basically, just make sure your daughter is okay and forget about it.

  2. Sarah says:

    I would be more concerned with the friend’s parents. Kids that are 5 years old should never ever be left alone with a dog behind a fence or not. I’m sure if you report the dog bite and make a big enough fuss the dog will at the very least have to go into training, but more likely be put to sleep.

    I doubt if it was the dogs fault because who knows what the kids were doing… children, especially very young children don’t know much about human/dog interactions and often do things like tail pulling which could aggravate a dog.

    Not to mention, the dog is behind a fence for a reason… again bringing me back to my original point. Children under no circumstances should be left alone with a dog.

    This is not the dog’s nor the child’s fault. It is the parents fault.

  3. chicagogirl says:

    Your daughter is only 5 years old, so of course it’s not the poor child’s fault per se. It is the fault of the adult who was supposed to be responsible for her safety. That being said, it’s not the dog’s fault either. Some dogs are very protective of their homes, and he was fully contained until someone else let him loose. The dogs owners clearly had him properly contained in a gated area, it’s not like their gate was faulty. A stranger opened it. So even though she is a child, that’s trespassing on their property. It sounds to me like the dog saw this as a threat. Without a lot of details and without being there to actually witness the event, my opinions are just speculations. But I would definitely not take an action that could rip a family from their pet unless this is a seriously vicious, aggressive dog. Take care of your daughter’s wounds, and maybe next time have her friend play at your house where you know they will be supervised.

  4. Annie says:

    What happens next is up to you. You can press charges and make some money off your friends. You can just ask them to pay any medical bills (if there are any). Or you can say it was an accident and write it off to "sh___ happens" and go on with your life. The last one would be my reaction.

  5. TK says:

    If the bite was bad enough to need medical attention, then the medical provider will have to report the bite. What happens to the report depends on your local and state laws. If the children were supposed to play only in one area but your daughter went where she wasn’t to be, then they are partly at fault for not securing the gate. A wise property and dog owner would put some sort of a lock or childproof latch on gates that should not be opened. If your child had been invited to come through the fence and their dog bit her, then they are responsible since she was on their property with their knowledge and consent, and due to her age she was under the neighbor’s supervision.

  6. DogFan82 says:


  7. BYBs kill dogs and puppies says:

    The details you give are very vague no one can give any kind of proper advice with out more Information

  8. Tango says:

    You can call animal control and they will quarantine the dog for like 30 days. Then you might have to go to court and the dog may be put down. This depends on if the dog has a history of biting and even the circumstances that the dog bit your daughter.

  9. alias boxer says:

    Could you include details?? The size of the dog, the severity of the bite, the location of the bite?

    And where was the responsible adult when all this happened?

  10. Rose *fix your damn dog* says:

    If she was at the neighbors house, in the neighbors yard, the neighbor is at fault! When you allow a child in your home, you are accepting responsibility for them. It’s not your daughters fault that she wasn’t being supervised by the adult in the home. You should report this to animal control, and they will investigate and decide what happens to the dog. Take your daughter to the hospital or at least a clinic so that they can document her injury.

    edit: juicy is DEAD wrong. The laws about dangerous dogs vary from county to county, and there is NO way that anyone here can know what is going to happen to the dog without knowing exactly where you live. It could range from nothing, to a warning, to a fine, to being labelled a dangerous dog and having to confine him better and pay a bigger fee to license him. It is highly unlikely it will be put down because it DID happen on the owners property. Just ignore her.

    edit again,… come on people. This isn’t about her parenting skills, it’s about who is responsible for their own dog on their own property.

  11. ♥KiYoMi♥ says:

    No its your fault, you should have been keeping an eye on your kid.

  12. juicy_wishun says:

    It’s up to you.
    If you decide to pursue it with animal control, which you can certainly do, the dog will almost certainly be put too sleep. The policy is that any animal that bites a human, and especially a small child, msut be considered dangerous and immediately destroyed.
    If you let it stay between you and the other parents, I’d at least insist that they get a safer gate for the dog, something childproof.

    In either case, you need to be very careful with how you handle this with your daughter. This could easily lead to her being afraid of dogs for the rest of your life. You should take her around other dogs, very friendly and calm ones, to teach her that not all dogs are scary. But don’t push her if she doesn’t want to, that would just make things worse.

  13. Holly says:

    It is your daughters fault, yes. Take her to the doctor if the wound is bleeding. Nothing should happen to the dog since it was in an in-closed yard and your daughter let it out.

  14. Sham Wow Guy says:

    easy!! clean up the bloody mess with a super absorbant sham wow!!

  15. Lucidia says:

    I can’t believe the amount of people here saying it’s the parents or even the !!! 5 year old childs!!! fault! What the hell is wrong in this world where a dog gets put above a child?!
    The fact that your kids opened the gate doesn’t matter. No dog should ever ever ever bite a child! Never! If your neighbors daugher opened the gate the dog would have ran out to bite your daugher as well. If someone in your neighbors house doesn’t close the gate good or forgets that dog will be on the street free to attack any kid it sees.
    Your daughter didn’t hurt the animal, she just opened a gate. This was unprovoked and IMO this animal needs to be put down before something worse happens. It might rain thumbs downs on my now, but at least in my opinion, the safely of a child is more important than protecting an agressive animal.
    So if I was you I would file a police report and make sure legal actions are taken to prevent future attacks. If this dog one day jumps the fence and kills a child…well you want to know that you dis what you could to prevent that.

    Oh and just to clearify: I know it’s not exactly the dog "fault" either. A dog is only as good as it’s master. It was poorly trained and all, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a danger to children now and should not get the chance to do it again.

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