My 2 year old yellow lab is very submissive! When me or my husband walks toward her to pet her?


she rolls over onto her back and her ears go back. She has always been like this and I assumed she would grow out of it. She makes me feel bad, like she doesnt trust me! When we play with her she jumps and growls (playfully) wags her tail, so she isnt always like that. She is very cuddly, gives lots of kisses and is VERY smart. We rarely put her on a leash, she just follows us around. She is a perfect angel. I look into her eyes (and maybe I am overreacting) but she almost looks nervous sometimes. Does she act like that because she doesnt trust me? She is home alone during the day (no other pets or kids) and we do not pen her, she has free reign of the entire house. She loves to play with other dogs. Should she maybe have another canine companion?

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5 Responses to “My 2 year old yellow lab is very submissive! When me or my husband walks toward her to pet her?”

  1. d b says:

    Ellie your puppy is in submissive pose when she does this, She is showing you she knows you and your husband are the Alpha male and female. When you look her in the eye, you are dominating her in her language. In her litter she was the puppy that all the other pups ganged up on. There are always dominant pups and submissive pups in litters and what fall in between.

  2. Talaupa says:

    To me, it sounds as if she wants her belly rubbed. However, another canine companion definitely wouldn’t hurt. (If she doesn’t go through a period of jealously that is.)

  3. kris2064 says:

    i dont know what could be the cause unless a previous owner did something to her to make her cautious of humans. her going on her back is a submissive position, my dog does that when he knows hes in trouble.

  4. Ren says:

    When she rolls over, she just wants her belly to be rubbed. Most dogs prefer to have a belly rub rather than to have the back of their ears scratched. She’s quite young, so she still might be a little bit scared of being alone all the time and maybe a teeny-weeny bit scared of you. I think you should either get her a dog companion or spend a lot more time with her. Good Luck and tell her I said hi! ^_^

  5. relswete says:

    Well..I shouldn’t but I will ask..Is she okay around strangers? Ruling out that she is not at all like this with strangers here goes.. When she does that belly up thing and you reach for her do not make eye contact with her..She already knows you are her keepers and she is submissive becasue she has not been abused she is just letting you know she knows you are boss. You have had her since puppy hood? She sounds like a great when she does this give her one short pat no eye contact and walk away and when she comes hand her a treat or talk and pet her..Although this is not entirely a bad thing, i know what you mean you feel like GEEZ we are not bullying you it is ok…So when she gets up and comes to you is when she gets most this for a few weeks and she may just stop it .

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