What does one say about this? I just don’t even know what to say. How about, “WOOF!”

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    25 Responses to “MUSICAL CHAIRS FOR DOGS”

    1. david292978 says:

      this would be great to watch while stoned on some hard drugs

    2. Laughapp says:


    3. swevampwolf says:

      Cool 😀 (Y)

    4. goodielunk says:

      we see you in the back ground taking pictures

    5. alargedog says:

      cool dogs

    6. Jimmyjumpnjive says:

      @vexingdave … actually, my recollection is that each shot is about one second long. However, there were a lot of treats and “stay” commands. Thanks!

    7. vexingdave says:

      amazing man that must have taken a lot of shots

    8. kitty69543 says:

      Thumbs up!


      lol…Imagna and very creative! hat 🙂 cute video5*

    10. BonBonBatman says:

      Very creative! Cute dogs, too 🙂

    11. MsDeadable says:

      Very interesting video!!}=>) And these dogs are so awesome!)))) The music is so unusual)

    12. tellycastin says:

      Haha, great video.
      Thanks for posting and subscribing(oops, missed the r first time).

    13. tellycastin says:

      Haha, great video.
      Thanks for posting and subscibing.

    14. BeaverEmpire says:

      Great vid! How long did that take? Paws UP!

    15. MissGingerDog says:

      Cool!! And, awwww they are all so cute!!

    16. Honeybea264 says:

      Simply WUNDERBAR!!! Paws up and favourited.

    17. Jimmyjumpnjive says:

      @TheSharkSurvivor … You Rock!

    18. TheSharkSurvivor says:

      I gave you a thumbs up!!

    19. TheSharkSurvivor says:

      To Funny

    20. ahoovah100 says:

      This is great. Very clever and cute.your a smart person jimmyjump and jive.thanks for sharing.

    21. DjMagicBaron says:


    22. thedeathmetalkid101 says:

      Thnx 4 subscribing

    23. puggykisses says:

      i don’ t know how you did that, but it’s really cool!!

    24. kidowmer says:

      Wonderful video! Thks for sharing!

    25. Birdwatchernw says:

      @PlayWC3 … can I pick which dog and which chair?

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