Metal Detector EMI Interference From Dog Invisible Fence


Electric Invisible Fence causes metal detector to go haywire. I arrived to hunt a property and was shocked to find my Teknetics Delta 4000 was going crazy in all modes: All metal 1, All metal 2, and Discrimination. Electromagnetic interference from somewhere? After talking with the home owner I discovered that there was an invisible fence installed for their dogs. After it was turned off the detector worked normally.

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4 Responses to “Metal Detector EMI Interference From Dog Invisible Fence”

  1. MickTwin says:

    @TurnersTreasureTeam Thanks Chris, and to all who are reading this.. I really think if you are interested in metal detecting, that you subscribe to TurnersTreasureTeam for some outstanding and uplifting videos!

  2. TurnersTreasureTeam says:

    Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing your treasure hunts.

  3. MickTwin says:

    @jmwnycprr The lawn is large.. approx. 200 X400 feet with the house sitting in the middle. The invisible fence surrounds the perimeter and the EMI interference was this intense EVERYWHERE I went on the property.

  4. jmwnycprr says:

    Interesting! How far were you away from the fence?

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