Looking for input on invisible dog fencing?


I just finished installing an invisble electric fence for my dog. I was just curious what experience people have training their dog. The manual advises a couple weeks of training. I’m okay with that, just seemed a bit drawn out to me. I’m curious if any has trained in a day or so.

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    6 Responses to “Looking for input on invisible dog fencing?”

    1. kgsgolf says:

      The invisible fence guy "showed up" twice, of course I couldn’t see him because he’s invisible but he billed me and supposedly trained Trixie. Anyway she won’t go outside now collar or no collar and I’m ankle deep in… well you know!
      What I need is an invisible poop guy not an invisible fence guy, I’d settle for a good carpet cleaning company.

    2. mursuli says:

      Isn’t that a little cruel?

    3. Murzy says:

      i had the invisible fence ppl train my dogs. once they learned the flags and the beeping of the collar, the correction shock only need to be felt once.

      we played with the dogs in the safe area only. if we walked the dogs off our property with a regular collar on, we carried them across the buried cable, in the same place all the time

    4. Vontrap says:

      Sorry pal, but you need to work hard to get your dog to obey you. Trust and command is what you you need to get your dog to obey.

      -I think you’re cruel to use an electric fence. It may not hurt them, but would you like to be electrocuted when ever you were crossing the line?

    5. Dancer says:

      I have never had it but the neighbors up the street had it for their front yard and 2 Rotties. They had those dogs trained within a couple of days. Of course, these dogs were already very well obedience trained. So it is all according to your dog.

    6. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

      I personally do not like them as very determined dogs CAN and WILL run the boundary to get what they want (wether that be another animal, a person, what have you.) They also don’t keep people or dogs OUT of your yard.

      Their overall success depends on the dog and your location. If you live in a high traffic area where there are lots of people or other dogs, if your dog is stubborn in any way, if it is aggressive, or if it has thick fur… then you run high risk of the dog not taking to training – then you risk hit-by-car accidents OR bite incidents. If your dog is skittish or generally fearful you run the risk of the dog not accepting the shock as a correction and the dog WILL become fearful of the yard.

      The training is there for a reason. You cannot just throw your dog out in the yard. I would personally NEVER trust any dog out alone on one of these systems just because you never know.

      PS – It’s a good idea to not let the boundary extend ANYWHERE near the road. It’s also a good idea to have signs posted to alert people that there IS a fence.

      In my aunt’s neighborhood there are two homes with two dogs per home on this system – both sets of dogs can reach the road (and if they reach out can bite a passerby should they want to) and you cannot tell that they won’t be able to reach you.

      Because of this their dog developed fear aggression (recent trainer diagnosed it.) He and my aunt/uncle merely reacted to two dogs charging them and now he’s dog reactive in certain situations.

      Posting a sign or area of the boundaries isn’t REQUIRED but for the sake of your neighbors should be done.

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