Locating a Break in an Invisible Dog Fence

I’m having trouble locating a break in an invisible dog fence.  Our underground dog fence is not working.  The collar does not beep or shock.  I’ve double checked to make sure the batteries are not dead, so it must be the a problem with the boundary wire buried out in our backyard.

I borrowed an RF-50 locater. One side is supposed to be high pitched, one low, but when we test it we hear both sounds on both sides of the wire.   We spliced over a portion of the wire we thought was the problem to no avail.

Will an AM radio work better than a wire break locator to detect the broken underground pet fence wire?

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3 Responses to “Locating a Break in an Invisible Dog Fence”

  1. Irish Wolfhound says:

    I’ve had a hidden dog fence for many years. As the proud owner of many Irish Wolfhounds I’ve found this type of fence to be the best at keeping my dogs safe.

    First make sure the invisible fence transmitter is working correctly. Does the collar go off when placed near it (couple of inches). If not the transmitter or collar may be bad. If both work then you probably have a broken hidden fence boundary wire buried somewhere out in your yard. You don’t say what brand it is. However the better systems have an alarm that goes off when the wire breaks.

    Look around the yard for obvious clues, such as recent digging, fallen branches, landscaping, car tracks etc. If you cannot find anything then try these steps:

    A) Remove each fencing wires from your transmitter box.

    B) Join the shunt to the cable terminals on the transmitter.

    C) Connect one of the fence wires to the shunt (makes no difference where).

    D) Using an AM radio walk the cable tuning in for the pitch. Once the tone ceases that could be the break. Do the same thing using the other wire.

    E) Start digging Cautiously on the edge and come to the wire to expose it.

    F) Once you reveal the cut fix it. In the event that numerous splits are observed, burrow at both spots and bury a fresh section of dog fence wire between the 2 places.

    G) Go back and look along the fence line again. If it is Ok, lift off the shunt and switch the fence wires inside your transmitter.

  2. Borzoi says:

    Put an RF choke coil (radio shack) on the box in the house & follow the line with an AM transistor radio turned to a low frequency.

    Or you could do what we did – replaced all the wire with a SOLID copper wire rather than multi-stranded – held up MUCH better.

  3. Great Dane says:

    First check to make sure your batteries aren’t dead. If they’re good, then check your transmitter box to see who the dog fence manufacturer is and look the up online. They should have the owner’s manual on there and well as a troubleshooting section. If all else fails, find a local authorized dealer and call them.

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