LGBT is it wrong to want the guy/husband, house, kids, picket fence, dog…basically it all?


I’m a conservative low key monogamous kinda guy, like my guys to be guys (just my preference) but just wondering if there are guys like me out there that want the same thing. Seems hard to find is why I ask. Ladies, I know you guys are serious when it comes to relationships and my hat’s off to you!

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16 Responses to “LGBT is it wrong to want the guy/husband, house, kids, picket fence, dog…basically it all?”

  1. FreedomFighter says:

    nope nothing wrong with monogamous. its your lifestyle just do what makes you happy

  2. sassy dude says:

    You are wishing for exactly what you deserve. It is possible if you work at it. Good luck

  3. Elijah F wants opinions says:

    Well I want my man/husband and house but I’m not sure about kids just yet. Picket fences are ugly to me I’d prefer a rod iron monstrosity(I’m being serious to)… and I love my pet Akita so much how could I leave her out she’s to pretty to be forgotten! I’m not low key by far I need things to be bizarre, strange and exotic otherwise there’s no spice to living it’s just boring day in day out. I mean my home is my castle and when I get home to my castle I don’t want everything to be a Grey mass with a white picket fence around it if that were the case I might as well live at work and not have to live with that white monstrosity!

  4. steffi says:

    It’s commonly called the American Dream. Millions want just that, why shouldn’t you? With same sex marriage we will have a better chance of living the dream like everyone else.

  5. Marcus V says:

    no dude it’s perfectly normal

  6. John M says:

    No it not wrong to want the BOY/HUSBAND house/kid’s picket fence and the dog.
    Dan you have to find the right person to get all that ((OK))
    are you looking for Mr,Right or are you looking for a nice Guy that have it all now.
    I have all this exp kid’s & dog.
    I do have a big heart and some thing you could make big for just you and me.

  7. Passionate~~at 15!! says:

    NO WAY!!
    It ain’t wrong at all..and I am here with you who wants all this!!

  8. cd_aimee says:

    Not wrong at all, in fact it is my dream.

  9. Alexis says:

    I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

    I don’t really care about fences, and it’s not really that important where I live, and kids aren’t really an option at this point, and I’d have a bunch of cats, but your plan doesn’t sound too bad if that’s what you’re looking for.

    All I really want out of life is a woman to share it with and a computer I can use to converse and research on the Internet, play EQ2, listen to my music, and write. Oh, and psychotropic substances, can’t live without those.

    I’d also really like to get my book finished and published so I don’t have to work anymore and I can spend my time finishing my other book and doing the other things I enjoy.

  10. Rho K. says:

    OF COURSE NOT! That’s the American Dream!!!

  11. cindoggie says:

    there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. i already have my s/o, a house, & a dog. working on the kids & the picket fence though still 😉

  12. Bobitooo says:

    Sure. Normal peaceful life.
    Nothing wrong with that. Go for it. =)

  13. rogueslayer0 says:

    It’s not wrong, but just like any relationship, everyone isn’t always looking for the same thing. You have to search far and wide to find someone who is looking for the same things as you when you are looking for them.
    And before you go tipping you hats to ladies, like men, there are certain ladies that are serious when it comes to relationships, and there are some that aren’t.
    I know some women who are sleep around just like some of the men I know.
    It really depends on the person, not the gender.

  14. swot says:

    no, it’s natural to want security.

  15. OBERON says:

    no, it’s not wrong.

    several of us already have this.

  16. lilplastiqcastle says:

    Of course not. I remember when I first came out, a friend of mine said "you know I love you regardless, but I have to admit I have a little sadness that you will never be a mother" And I looked her in the eye and said "oh I will be a parent one day, I can have all the things that everyone else has. And that’s all I want, I just don’t want it with a man"

    When she came to see our first daughter the day after we brought her home from the hospital she said "You told me that one day I would be holding your child in my arms, and I didn’t see how that could ever happen. But now I know that all it takes is love and determination"

    Don’t give up. The right guy is out there.


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