leash laws for dogs and does a dog need to be restraint in a yard that has a fence?


there’s a couple that lives down the street they have 2 boxers there is a wooden fence around there property but when the dogs are outside and somebody is walking on the sidewalk in front of the fence both dogs run and bark and try to get to the person in a vicious way there heads can reach over the fence and people has almost been bitten so most of the time when the dogs are outside people cross the street before they walk in front of the house i have seen a few people get very scared and run into the street and almost was hit by a moving car is the dogs owner need to have a some type of leash or bite muzzle on the dogs before letting them outside?

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8 Responses to “leash laws for dogs and does a dog need to be restraint in a yard that has a fence?”

  1. Janet says:

    If the dogs are a public safety issue you can call Animal Control or an Humane society. Animals must be kept curbed , not just leashed. If the fence is near the sidewalk, where the dogs can reach people, then they need to be restrained back.

  2. Weimaraner Mom says:

    If they are in a yard that has a fence, no dogs do not need to be restrained regardless of how nutty the boxers get, now if the boxer gets out and runs after someone then they can get into trouble. If your city or county has a leash law all that means is when the dog is in public or outside not protected by a fence then the dog must be leashed. Check animal controls website to see if your city has a leash law.

    But as long as the dogs are inside a fence they do not need to be restrained.

  3. Mutt for the Truth says:

    No leash or muzzle needed if the dogs are contained in the yard -would make the point of the fence moot, yes? However their fence shouldn’t be that close to the yard – in my town there are ordinances and laws stating tall fences cannot be in the front yard and no fence can be so many feet from the road (or sidewalk) unless you file for a variance.

    The only instance where a leash or muzzle is required on a dog even in their own yard is when the dog is deemed "dangerous" by the law and is required to wear or use one. Even then they may be exempt if the fence in solid and sturdy enough to contain the dog.

    I would just walk around that one house. Ignore the dogs. If they ever seem to be able to escape, report them to the local animal control.

  4. pit lover says:

    since they are behind the fence in their own yard, no. people shouldn’t be getting that close to them. if they have a bite history record, now that’s a different story. you can call your local animal shelter and they should be able to pull up their address and tell you if they do have any bites on record, if they do, ask them if the owners are suppose to be doing anything.

  5. Sybil says:

    If they can’t get out of the fence that is all that is required by the owners. Fences have to be a little inside of the property lines so people shouldn’t be walking that close to the fence.

  6. Bobbie L says:

    Please repost your question with PUNCTUATION. Without, your question is impossible to understand.

  7. Erika says:

    No, if the dog in in the yard, the owners have restrained them. Once those boxers get out from behind the fence – or if you see the owners mistreat them – that is when you can report them.

  8. Alyssa says:

    In a fenced yard without a leash is not against the law.

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