is there a invisible fence for cats like those made for dogs?


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    8 Responses to “is there a invisible fence for cats like those made for dogs?”

    1. The Naughty Scotsman says:

      Being that cats are more high-strung than dogs, I would imagine that they’d go completely ballistic if subjected to such a system. While a dog would learn the boundaries of the yard and not venture across them, a cat would likely go into sporatic fits of screaming, jumping and other insane activities when given the electric jolt. I actually doubt that cats have the ability to learn the boundaries, based upon their inherent nature.

    2. kikikicombobreaker says:

      This may help. I was searching for the shock collars. Not the invisible fences, but the ones you control remotely. And those have different levels of shock on them. If you think about it, there’s toy dogs out there just as small as cats. If you can find an invisible fence for dogs where you can control the shock intensity, then it might be suitable for a cat. I know this isn’t a complete answer, but I thought it was useful.

    3. lemonnpuff says:

      yes, you can use the Pet Safe containment unit and the ultra light collar for cats, as per suggested by the compant. Call 1-800-pet safe and they can hook you up with all the CORRECT answers and where you can get the product, like PetSmart or

    4. SPD300 says:

      The same fence that you use for dogs can be used for cats as well they just don’t recommend it because the transmitter is a little heavy for a cats neck.

    5. thenewbuddah says:

      I don’t think they have those for cats.

      You could always try building a moat. Cats hate water.

    6. Brandon P says:

      just use one for dogs and use on cat reobly not a diffrens it may hurt it a litttle more than normal but try it

    7. kat says:

      i dont know but that would be great.i have a cat and i live on a busy street.i dont let her out anymore because she lost her back leg 2 years ago,got hit by a car

    8. kristylu170 says:

      yes, you can get it at petsmart.

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