Is it safe to move 5 week old puppies outdoors?


I have 8 Australian Shepherd pups and they are getting to be a big handful, especially in the house. They ruined the carpet, and it smells awful. mother dog keeps escaping and so do the puppies out of their exercise pen, and today they tore up the house while I was sleeping. They are still pretty small, they will be 6 weeks old on the 6th and I am wondering how they might handle the cold? I live in Cali and it gets about 35-40 at night. They are not use to being out there so. Also is it ok if they are with their father in the outdoor pen? Mother will be with them but I am not sure how things go with dad if they are together a long time. He seems good around them when they are all playing outside and seems sorta afraid of them. He is a very gentle dog. What do you think to both of these questions? Thank you very much.

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15 Responses to “Is it safe to move 5 week old puppies outdoors?”

  1. Stefani says:

    They can be left outside during the day with mom (mom must be with them) as long as they are secured and out of direct sunlight and remember the temp has to be the right temp for these pups, not too hot not too cold. But do not leave them outside all night. If anything else bring them back and forth during the day. I know it is a lot of work but this is what we do. (vet tech)

  2. Rich says:


    Shame on you people. This person obviously is reaching out for help. I think she learned her lesson about breeding when she is not prepared for it. Maybe it was a mistake. When you critisize without knowing all of the facts, you cause more damage than hurt.

    Would you tell an unwed mother looking for advice that she should not have gotten pregnant in the first place? These kind of responses are why nmore people do NOT ask for help when they need advice, and the puppies will be the one’s who suffer.

    My advice is to keep them away from papa dog and definately keep them indoors. Maybe a garage with a heat lamp if you build them a nice structure.

  3. tina b says:

    no do not put them outside.i am worried that you would leave them in a pen with the father who is afraid of them,puppies like to play the father could hurt them out of fear.could you invest into a large crate to keep them inside to where they are not running loose while you are sleeping.they are like children they need resposible supervision.they could get into something toxic,or chew on wires,etc.crating them sounds like the safest measure to take and they will be warm and dad won’t have to be stressed either.

  4. ♥CaliforniaLove♥ says:

    not yet, wait until there a few months old if you want to move them outdoors that soon. puppies can get sick easily, you cant leave them outside at night when its 35 and 40 degree’s at night.

    i live in California too and we just moved our dog outside and my dog is 6 months old now 🙂

  5. miaugh says:

    No, that’s too cold for them to be out. It’s best not to let the male dog around the puppies, especially if he seems a little afraid of them. He could react and do them harm. It’s also not unheard of for the female to harm her own pups, if she gets anxious with the male around. If you can’t reinforce the pen they’re in, try installing baby gates in a room without carpeting, and that has been puppy-proofed so there’s nothing dangerous they could chew.

  6. Ruby says:

    Absolutely not. You should never have bred puppies if you weren’t up for dealing with them.

  7. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

    during the day is one thing at night they need to be in an enclosed area with heat

    Did it not occur to you to one exercise the pups as well as move their pen so you can clean the carpet? You shouldn’t have bred your dogs if you weren’t prepared and willing to deal with all that goes along with it including what puppies will do to the carpet.

    If your male seems skittish around them its best not to leave them and him unsupervised for long periods.

    When you or someone else could not supervise them they should have been crated or penned in an area they they couldn’t get out of or do serious damage to.

    Have your dogs spayed after this. In two weeks time they will be ready for their new homes, which hopefully by now have all been lined up, deposits taken and picks made OR pups paid for in full.

  8. angelica f says:

    Absolutely not. Puppies have weak immune systems. They can only be out side for a little while. You should be starting basic training to sit. You should have a breed mentor. This is how you should set up their area in your home.

    If you do decide to breed again get a breed mentor and read this.Actually read this now.

  9. Suzette G says:

    You have to be careful when leaving puos around the male, the quicker the pups are nursed the quicker she goes back into heat. Fathers have been known to kill pups for this reason, I would recomend not to leave the puppies out side for that reasopn as well as their little bodies are not ready for it. Even though they are a hand full remember they are like an infant. It just takes a little to have those playful puppies turn ill. Hope that helps

  10. Nancy U says:

    I never think it’s okay for a dog to sleep outside, whatever the temperature. If you can’t handle these dogs (it sounds like you can’t handle the pups or the parent dogs), give them to your local humane society. Oh yeah, if you keep the adult dogs, GET THEM FIXED.

  11. You asked for it says:

    are you crazy? pups that small cannot handle the cold too well, and the mother will not always be there to keep them warm, she has to eat sometime.

  12. Patient Paws says:

    NO to all questions involved.

    If you didn’t want to deal with puppies, why wasn’t the female fixed? Keep them indoors at all times unless supervised play is happening. Put puppy pads down and restrict them to one room of the house.

    Rehome them at 8 weeks. Spay and neuter your other dogs.

  13. Kayla Doberman says:

    no no no no and NO!!!

  14. Ryan B says:

    I would highly NOT recommend leaving them outside They do not have all their shots at that age. Get a big opened box and keep them in a pen and put news paper down.

  15. Chantelle says:

    Another BACKYARD BREEDER aren’t we?

    Owners like you contribute more unwanted puppies in this world.


    Do NOT breed them ever again. How could you leave 8, 5 week old puppies outside? That is so cruel. You put yourself in this position, and you bred them, now TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITIES and keep them indoors. They are too young to be outside.

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