Is it possible to train a pet fox to an invisible fence?


EXPERT ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE! Ok, I have always thought that it would be really cool to have a pet red fox and iv been doing some reseach on the legality of owning a pet fox, permits required, proper care, etc. One of the things I have come across a lot is the need for a large outdoor pen. If I were to ever get a pet fox, that could be quite an eye sore. So my question is, could I train a red fox, like I have my dog, to an invisible shock collar fence? This way, not only do I not have a large eye sore in my backyard, but now the fox would have the ENTIRE back yard to run around and play in rather than just the confines of a pen. And before I get anyone saying, "why dont you just put up a regular fence?" it should be made clear that this is not possible with a fox as they can jump over it or dig under it, which nessesitates the use of a pen, usually with a concrete floor. Im simply trying to find a way to give my potential pet more room to have fun, as well as save myself some time, money, and trouble of getting a large pen. Thanks for your help!
Once again, please only answer if you have professional knowledge or personal experience.

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    6 Responses to “Is it possible to train a pet fox to an invisible fence?”

    1. Alvaro Martin says:

      Hello, i understand your situation. Owning a pet can be challenging sometimes. There is a sense of raising the pet as it grows and learning the responsibility that comes with it. If you’d like your pet to know that they truly are a part of your family, check out the resource below.

    2. oregano13 says:

      No, they can not be trained to an invisible fence. And the law will require that the fox be confined at all times to a properly fenced enclosure (with an actual physical fence). Many locations also require that enclosure to have a top on it. Foxes are not highly trainable, and though they are certainly beautiful animals, they make poor pets and should be left in the wild where they belong.

    3. Elaine M says:

      There would be the same problem as dogs have. If the incentive on the other side is high enough (squirrels, something coming at them in a fearful manner) the animal will bolt over’past the electric boundary and then will not want to cross it again to get back, knowing it will get a shock. You then have a loose animal that will be near impossible to catch.

      Besides, the throat structure on a fox is more catlike than doglike, only dogs can use the collars without damage to the throat from the shock. You don’t use those collars on cats since it causes damage, and I suspect a fox is in the same category.

    4. Pat Fero says:


    5. MellowTones says:

      Fox are not domesticated and cannot be trained in that fashion, not to mention, by law you would still need to keep it in the pen.

      Don’t take in wild animals as pets, you will never give them the quality of life they deserve.

    6. Ragtatter says:

      No, they cannot. When presented with the aversive shock that an electric fences gives, foxes generally respond with panic and may bolt. Instead of preventing your fox from getting lost, an invisible fence can actually CAUSE a problem. Because they are much less domesticated than dogs or cats are, their default response to novel situations is fear.

      That aside, an invisible fence does absolutely nothing to protect your fox from animals (or people) that may wish to harm it.

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