Is it OK to leave my dog alone overnight?


Here’s my set-up: My condo is fairly private and I have a doggie door that goes out to a fenced in yard. The dog uses a small area of woodchips in the yard as a doggie-litterbox. She has access to the yard 24/7. She’s not a dog that eats everything I put in front of her, she only eats when she’s hungry and won’t overeat.

I’m leaving at noon on sat and returning home 8 am sunday. Will she be OK if I leave her plenty of food and water? She’s fairly laid back and doesn’t chew. I think she’ll just sleep a lot but I’m still a little worried. My kennel is booked and everyone I know is going to the same concert that I am. She is used to being alone for 8-10 hours during the day.

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    12 Responses to “Is it OK to leave my dog alone overnight?”

    1. cesarsalad366 says:

      it would be safe to unplug some wires in case ur dog chews on em

    2. tara says:

      That is double the time your normally leave her..she will notice the difference, and act out >like chewing your stuff./or on herself. Is she afraid of thunder?
      You would need to give her extra water because she could knock her water dish over. Someone should check on her because anything could happen.(outside or inside)
      I would not leave her that long if she were my dog.

    3. KansasMan says:

      You should be just fine. The only thing you may want to be prepared for is the possibility of the dog chewing up something in retalliation for you leaving. I have had a couple very well mannered dogs that would find something to just shred up to bits to let me know he’s not happy about us going on vacation, even though we had people setup to come in and feed and water him every day….even give him a treat.

      So, don’t worry….just go. But be prepared for a little retalliation. My neighbor’s dog pooped on his owner’s pillow, and drug the other pillow all through the house in retalliation for them leaving for a week, even though they had a girl coming in to feed, water, and exercise him.

      Good luck.

    4. lady_grinsalot says:

      I think she will be fine, provided that she does not have separation anxiety, you provide her with plenty of food and water and you leave plenty of toys out to keep her occupied. Perhaps turn the radio or television on as well.

      My husband and I had to leave our fur babies home alone on a few occasions (we have the same set up) and they were fine when we returned.

    5. Wilbur's Mom says:

      I think she’ll be fine! It sounds like you have everything planned out. Maybe you could have a neighbor come over and check on her if you are really worried. I think she’ll sleep the whole time too, thats probably what she does when you leave her during the day. Good luck!

    6. CJ says:

      Try and find another kennel. Or ask a neighbor to come by a few times during the day & before going to bed. It would just be horrible if something DID happen to your dog because of a concert. It’s not worth it. The fact that you asked the question shows you have concerns. Please do the right thing!

    7. doggie love says:

      No!! People shot dogs all the time for barking or howling. I do not recommend it.

    8. xoxBlonde-Babexox says:

      Yes,I beleive she would be okay,she has room to do her bussiness since she is outside & she has her food & water incase she get’s hungry or thirsty! just perfect.

    9. sadiejane says:

      no dog is safe outside unsupervised. people steal them all the time for resale, pit bull bait or to sell to research.

      kids torment them. people throw poisoned meat to them.

      small dogs get grabbed by birds of prey.

      attacks from stray dogs that jump your fence

    10. Waz Up? says:

      as long as she has plenty of food and water and has acess to outside she should be fine

    11. cinnamon says:

      I think she should be fine cuz she has access to going out side to do her business..But let some family member or friend know your plans…just in case…

    12. sniffydogs says:

      No. With all the nutcases and wackos out there you are taking a big chance.

      This will be the time she decides to dig or climb the fence. Bark uncontrollably. Someone decides they want a nice dog. Someone decides they want a dog to use for pitbull bait or make a few extra bucks selling dogs to research or thinking she is intact, breeder for a puppymill.

      I could go on and on. Make friends with a neighbor to come over and keep an eye on your dog. Offer to do the same for them.

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