Is a siberian husky right for me?


I have a fairly large backyard, live near 2 parks (one of which has a well fenced dog park) and take 5 mile runs everyday.

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    1. free says:

      yes, berner mom, you do have one.haha.
      me too, and i got mine from a person(son) who never checked out what he was getting into. #1 thing, they need space.
      #2 they need love.
      #3 a good fence is just a game to them.
      good luck! they are a great dog.

    2. GlacierMoon says:

      Go to these two places for your information these are the best ones to get your info.
      Please read through these thoroughly. then after you read the information that they give think about what you are able to afford and handle. Good Luck. If you have any other questions email me.

    3. T says:

      Depends on whether you want a male or female. Females can get to between 45 and 60lbs. Males between 80 and 110. We have a 3yr old female that we got as a puppy. Lots of work meaning she has killed 2 vacuums to date. Seems like she is always shedding. That is the only negative unless you don’t like a dog killing small animals. It is in their nature. Also in their nature is too lead. Always want to be out front. Be prepared to pay some bucks if you want a pure bred with all the papers. We spent $1300 to get her and more to have her spaded. For us, it was worth it. She has a personality all her own and we just love her.

    4. petsinformation says:

      Who Should Not Own A Siberian Husky Dog?
      People with cats or small dogs – Siberian husky dogs have a strong prey drive, and can thus be aggressive to small dogs, cats, children, and other small animals. Older children are not a problem, but people with infants or toddlers would be wise not to trust a Siberian Husky near them.

      Inexperienced dog owners – Siberian huskies are very intelligent dogs, and can be somewhat stubborn. Because they were bred to perform tasks with less human control, they are very in dependant. They can be hard to train, especially with the "Come" command.

      Siberian Husky dogs are always looking for signs of weakness, so owners need to maintain the dominant position, without being overbearing. They can become very difficult to own if you don’t do this. Siberian husky dogs should be trained from a puppy.

      People living in apartments, houses with no fenced yards, or houses with small yards – Siberian huskies love to be outdoors. They were bred to pull heavily laden sleds over long, frozen distances. So they have a strong capacity for endurance, and a lot of energy. They love to run and roam. Apartment living does not give them enough scope to exercise, and in winter, when we warm ourselves up with heaters and fires, they may find it too hot if they have to stay indoors.

      Because Siberian huskies love to roam, they need a good, fenced yard. Otherwise they will go for miles. Fencing needs to be very secure, as they are intelligent enough to find a way out. Small yards, whilst at least providing huskies with a chance to go outdoors, will not enable them to get enough exercise. That restless energy could then be expressed in somewhat disruptive and mischievous ways.

      The elderly and disabled – Although this is not intrinsically a problem, Siberian Husky dogs are very active and energetic. They need owners who can both keep up with them, and take them for long walks – or runs. Siberian Huskies love to run, and make great jogging partners, as long as the weather is not too warm. They find warmer weather tougher because their coats are so thick.

      People looking for a watchdog – Although Siberian huskies are a large breed dog, they don’t make good watchdogs. They tend to exit stage left at the first sign of trouble.

      Someone who wants a quiet dog – Beautiful as they are, Siberian husky dogs are not quiet. Whilst they don’t bark much, they howl and yelp similar to a wolf. Unless you have a large property, or don’t mind this chattering, another dog breed may be more appropriate.

      Siberian husky dogs are playful, energetic, spirited, and intelligent dogs. They are not for the faint hearted, or those that want a lap dog. They suit experienced owners who can deal with their quirks in a loving but firm manner.

    5. honey.x says:

      read through these, only you can descide, you have the room but its up to you
      ^alot of writing but worth the read

    6. says:

      i suppose. if you really want to.

      i don’t think they bark, they howl though, especially at night and they need a lot of exercise. they need to be trained because they can be destructive at times.

    7. luuurve :) ♥ says:

      Huskies are sweet, loving, beautiful dogs, but they are not right for everyone. You need to ask yourself, "Am I an experienced dog owner?"
      If the answer to that question is "No," then a husky is not for you… But if you are, please continue.
      The next thing you need to ask yourself, is "Do I mind shedding?"
      Also, are you going to be at work all day? Huskies NEED a companion, they are prone to separation anxiety, golly, my dog licked the walls while I was gone, and that was only for two hours!
      Do you have a fenced in yard? If you do, that is good, but huskies are escape artists! They WILL find a way to get away, be it in, over, under, or through!
      You said you take five-mile runs, yes that is good. But you must play with it your husky in your backyard, too!! 🙂 They LOVE to run and play, and I am sure you will love to run and play with them. I advise keeping your husky on a leash.
      You should also consider this: how much free time do you have to spend with your dog? Huskies are very obedient, but they get lost in thought. So, prepare to frustrate yourself trying to get your dog to sit, because if they have something more interesting on their mind, they will not be listening to you.
      Do you have small pets, like a gerbil? If you do, nonononono 🙁 Huskies will eat those rodents/other small animals for lunch!

      I hope you have fun with your dog!! 😀 No matter what the breed is, I am sure you will love your dog! 🙂

      If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

    8. tiffypanda says:

      Maybe, if you can stand the barking /howling they do. They are quite difficult to train to come back to you -lots of owners have to keep them on a leash.

    9. AUSSIEMOM says:

      if you are not going to actively allow it to do pulling events/ sledding events,,, why bother

      they bark, they escape and they shed a whole lot..

    10. berner mom says:

      A large backyard will not matter to a Husky. They will run until they tire..could be 5 minutes, could be 5 hours…

      A fenced in dog park doesn’t matter, If a Husky wants out, they will get out–if they have to go over or under the fence-makes no difference to them.

      They are stubborn, love to run, will chase whatever moves, obedience is NOT in their vocabulary!! Training classes are a MUST with them!!!

      Shed hair all over your house. They don’t bark but will howl in the morning, afternoon, evening, when you leave the house, come home, at 6am on a Saturday morning when THEY think you have slept long enough and just because its fun to them…

      There are a LOT of Huskies in rescues because people get this breed without doing any research then realize that they can not handle them

      NOT for the first time dog owner!!!


      A WELL BRED Husky from a reputable breeder is an AWESOME dog! They love everyone and everything! Will NEVER start a fight, but will defend themselves if another dog challenges them.

      They are the comics of the dog world and will keep you laughing with their antics!

      They are healthy, energetic and have long lives. My Husky is 11 years old and will run around like a 3 yr old! They live to play and have fun.

      Running with them is fine as long as they are conditioned for it and you don’t live in a hot climate…..

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