is a 6×12 dog run big enough for a rottweiler made out of 11gauge chain link fencing?


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    4 Responses to “is a 6×12 dog run big enough for a rottweiler made out of 11gauge chain link fencing?”

    1. Ally Cat says:

      Thats only big enough and tough enough if he is just going to be in the dog run when you are unable to watch him. If you were planning on him staying in the dog run permanently and only taking him out when you feel like playing with him than maybe you should give your rottweiler away.
      I bet your a good person though! So it is big enough for short stays and dont forget to make sure some of it is shaded and that he has a place to go if it rains.
      Good Luck

    2. Narina says:

      yes and no.

      techincally the dog can live there, but he won’t be comfortable. it needs to be at least double or triple that size for comfort. that is how long our runs are, but we only use them when we are mowing or when someone is in season, and even then she will be rotated out for play time.

      being in such a small space is going to make the feces and urine smell very strong. with such a big dog you will need to scoop 2-3 times a day, and hose the grass with something that kills off the urine smell.

      so yes, you can keep him there.

      but no, i wouldn’t recommend it.

    3. whiskeycreek1 says:

      Will the dog live in this kennel all of the time, or just at times when you are unable to monitor him?

      If the dog is going to be living in the kennel all of them time, then a larger run would be more appropriate. If he is going to just be in the kennel for short spats of time…6 x 12 is fine.

    4. Cut N Dry says:

      Would that be big enough for you to live in? No.

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