Invisible / Underground Fence Cost verses a Split Rail Fence


We are looking to install a dog fence in our backyard to keep our yellow labrador retriver safe.  Our lot is about one acre in size.  At first my husband was considering a split rail fence with chicken wire, but is now reconsidering due to the amount of work involved.  He is a big do-it-yourself (DIY) kinda guy!

Now he is thinking about installing an invisible fence.  I need to figure out the cost as well as what materials he will need to complete the project.  I think I will also call an Invisible Fence Dealer just to see what they charge.

Are there different brands of “invisible” or underground dog fences?  What factors do I need to consider when calculating the cost?

To determine the cost of an underground pet fence you first need to know how much wire you will need.  For more information visit:

Installing an Electric Dog Fence – How to Determine how much Underground Dog Fence Wire you Will Need

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3 Responses to “Invisible / Underground Fence Cost verses a Split Rail Fence”

  1. Larry B says:

    I’ve always wondered. If a dog makes it past an invisible fence(chasing a deer, a dog in heat, etc.) will it come home? You pays your money and takes your chances.

  2. :D says:

    It didn’t work for our eskimo spitz dogs who would not go into the back yard after the initial training period (which requires some shocks from the collar). They weren’t very trainable dogs, or maybe we just weren’t good trainers.

  3. andrew- g says:

    Home Depot carries the “PetSafe” brand invisible fences…these are an easy way to contain your pet…they come with an instruction booklet, 500 ft of wire, and flags all for about 200 dollars. Not sure if that is enough boundary wire for your yard but it’s a start!

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