invisible vs hidden fence for dogs?


i have a britney spaniel, a real runner, and i cant decide between getting my dog the invisible fence or hidden fence. someone please help. tell me everything you know and which kind you have and why you dont or do like it. thanks :]

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6 Responses to “invisible vs hidden fence for dogs?”

  1. d-ray says:

    If I were you I would get a real fence because I would hate to see my dog in pain like that. Hope I helped! 🙂

  2. Blue Titan says:

    Get the Instant fence–works great and has great run through protection, no wires to bury–Its a little more expensive but they work well. By the way I train and raise a few Britt’s and they can climb a 10 foot Solid wood fence like its nothing and can walk chain-link like its a ladder. Did you know they hold more Dual-Championships in the AKC than any other breed.
    Waste thousands on a real fence if you want but you’ll have to figure out how to keep her from going over it–she’s a Britt not a little housedog-She’s a real dog that lives in the house with you

  3. Flute says:

    I agree with Schnauzer mom. Invisible fences are cruel and dangerous.

    They do not actually prevent your dog from getting out – if the dog is highly motivated, eg chasing a cat or panicking due to a fear of loud noises, it will go straight through even though it will get shocked.

    They also do not prevent anything, or anyone, else from getting in. Your dog could still be tormented or hurt by people, stolen, attacked by wild animals or straying dogs, etc.

    Shock collars are also dangerous – there have been cases of dogs suffering from horrific injuries (electrical burns and skin necrosis) from collars that malfunctioned etc. They can also cause serious behaviour problems. If the dog tries to escape for a reason, he will associate the pain with whatever he was focused on at the time – eg a passing child or other dog. This often results in the dog becoming aggressive towards that particular stimulus.

    Please get a proper solid fence – it will protect your property and your dog (without hurting or injuring him), whilst preventing him runing off.

    To see what shock collars can do check out:

  4. Karin says:

    Wow… Schnauzer Mom… that seems like a pretty extreme case to me. I don’t know if I would be that worried about it.

    Physical barrier fences can also have problems too. My aussie puts her paws in the links of chain link fence and climbs up and over!

    I don’t know that there is much of a difference between invisible and hidden fences for dogs. I do know several people that have them and have had success with them.

    I have discussed it with multiple people and my vet and the general consensus is that my dog is too nervous of a dog… that it would frighten her and she would be more nervous… so not good for her!

    Research, research, research!

  5. Schnauzer Mom ♥ says:

    Get a real fence.

    Invisible fences rely on pain to control the dog.

    Invisible fences don’t do anything to keep other dogs (or people) from coming into your yard and attacking, hurting, killing, or stealing your dog.

    A dog that has sufficient motivation will run through an invisible fence, and then the invisible fence will keep them from returning to their yard.

    Get a real fence. A physical barrier is better protection for your dog.

    Bonny was taken from her yard (which had an invisible fence), and was killed and skinned:

    "Brian Hunter said Tuesday morning he let Bonny out in the front yard, which is lined with an electrical fence. After a while he noticed he was gone. He searched for several hours before finding Bonny’s mutilated body in a nearby field.

    Bonny’s vet Dr. Lucette Bell said she’s never seen anything like it before. She believes someone stabbed Bonnie, made several incisions to remove his skin and then dumped him."

    Is that what you want for your dog?

  6. Julie says:

    Well, if you HAVE TO get an invisible fence, keep it on the LOWEST setting. Invisible fences can sometimes cause brain damage, severe anxiety, and Heart attack. The best choice would be to get a wooden fence(expensive, but they look nicer than chain link and your dog can’t climb them), then Again, if you can’t afford a wooden fence, just go with a chain link fence and you won’t have to worry about your dog having heart problems or brain damage later in life.

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