Invisible fence: Will my dog be scared to leave the perimeter for its daily walk?


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    4 Responses to “Invisible fence: Will my dog be scared to leave the perimeter for its daily walk?”

    1. keezymama says:

      It is recommended that at first when your dog is in training for the invisible fence that you only take them across the line in your vehicle.
      But My dogs very quickly learned that they were safe when with me on leash.

    2. Proud says:

      The thing with invisible fences is that you can’t just install them and let your dog figure out how it works. You have to train your dog to recognize its perimeter and simply use the invisible fence as a tool. If the fence is in the back and you use the front yard to go on your walks, then they should (with the proper training) be just fine. They’ll learn that while in the back yard unleashed, they have boundaries and while in the front yard on a leash, you control them.

    3. Alyssa E says:

      It might. But the best thing to help your dog with this is probably to have a different collar or a harness that you put on the dog when you walk it and take the other one with the shocking mechanism off the dog, just make sure you have identification tags on the walking collar or harness just in case. In my opinion for this and other reasons a chain link or wood fence is better.

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