Invisible Fence Training?


Anyone who has trained their dog to an invisible fence… during the training period, can you take the dog through the fence to go for a walk around the neighborhood?
I’m aware that taking the dog through the fence WHILE wearing a shock collar would shock and hurt her. I’m talking about going through the barrier area while she is not wearing the shock collar. You know… will it confuse her?

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  1. pom_handler06 says:

    Are you aware that your dog is not safe in an invisible fenced in area? Your dog can be attacked by other dogs and animals. Other dogs can enter your yard and attack your dog.
    What if the dog decides to bolt out the fence and cant get back in?

  2. Goldengal says:

    Yes my dogs were trained on the invisible fence. What I did was to take the dogs to the end of my drive way and took the training collars off and placed them on the drive. Then placed their collars on for walking and led them across the spot that I call a safe door. To this day they still go and sit at the same spot waiting for me to come and put their collars on for walking and we all cross this one spot together. When we return I walked my dogs back into the yard in the same spot had them sit and replaced their collars with the invisable fence ones. They soon learned that only when they had the walking collars on where they allowed thru.
    Hope this helps.

  3. mt says:

    just put him on a leash and take the invisible fence collar off. After the walk just switch them

  4. Jules says:

    Well I think you can you just have to take the invisible fence collar off your dog and put a regular collar on and walk him. Make sure you put the other collar back on when you come back.

  5. virginialikesmusic says:

    I have an invisible fence for my dog and I didn’t take my dog out too much.

    I would let them get to know what the boundaries are and have them completely know it before taking them out a lot.

    I took my dog out for walks while he was training and it just took him a little longer than most dogs.
    You should be fine to take your dog out. If you want to.

  6. C. h says:

    You need to turn off the invisible fence before walking your dog. He will get shocked!

  7. coolguy says:

    don’t train a dog, train a guy to do some useful work for you

  8. krys says:

    use only one door out of your house
    that will be the gate out

  9. laserd420 says:

    Train your dog to know when it has a leash on and you are walking it out, it can leave. One exit only. I have a 16 month old unneutered male APBT who knows his boundries even when my umm uneducated neighbor who has a pitbull of his own(whom he cant take outside or bring out of the bedroom when his kids are out) tests my dog with a mixed breed he jogs with and comes to a stop in front of my yard to let his dog pull and bark at my dog. He will not leave the yard. Even without an invisible fence collar my dog will just stare at me when i walk to the truck through his "exit". Until he is led out of the yard by my wife or I he will not leave. Ive had 2 dogs enter my yard and one actually snapped my dogs face, my dog did not attack or become aggressive. My dog just chased them around and when they left the yard due to their owners yelling, mine stopped dead in his tracks at his line. Use the flags and walk the perimeter. Spend time teaching your dog his area and youll have no problems. Check your local laws. In my township any dog entering my "fence" with my dog free counts as an unleashed dog to where my dog is "leashed" and all liability lies on the other dogs owners so long as my dog doesnt leave the yard. Invisble fences are great tools if used properly and the dog is trained to it. It will not be as hard as you think to get your dog to know the difference of when to stay and when his master(the center of its universe) tells it to follow. Good luck with the training, it will work.

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