Invisible fence through a driveway?


I want to buy an underground fence to contain my dog, but i need it to go through my driveway because it separates my property in half. I was planning on getting the Innotek 2100 Is there a way to have it go through a 2 car driveway (maybe 10-15 feet) without digging it up or going around? Thanks.

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3 Responses to “Invisible fence through a driveway?”

  1. We place the wire carefully underneath every newly paved driveway. If you are installing it over an existing one, then you have to chip-away at it. It gets messy but, with black spray paint over it, is always better than having a loved dog run away!

  2. Sam B says:

    When ours was installed, we ran it through the crack separating the driveway and the sidewalk, then covered it with some form of liquid concrete.

  3. coloradobeers says:

    My brother-in-lay buried his under the driveway. You may need to go to the local rental store and rent the equipment that will help run the line under the driveway.

    Edit: If there is no equipment to run a wire under the driveway, no crack to it in between, rent a concrete saw and cut a grove in the driveway and lay the wire in the new crack then fill the crack with a filler recommend for your area and they type of drive way you have.

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