Invisible fence- please only answer if you have first hand experience…?


has it worked or not worked for you?
is it cruel?
do dogs escape often?
does it make dogs scared to go outside?
could it get a short and electrocute my dog?
maybe a battery couldn’t electrocute but the whole system is plugged into an electric socket… anyway- yeah I guess I didn’t think that one through

13 Responses to “Invisible fence- please only answer if you have first hand experience…?”

  1. Marna O says:

    An agility student of mine put one up. Her Aussie was so driven to run after animals, he simply would run through it.

  2. chrisdawg says:

    It works and my dog can go outside without her collar because she thinks she’ll get shocked. she only escaped once or twice when the power was out and she caught on.

  3. ((Callie, babe.)) says:

    It has worked for me around 90% of the time.
    You can adjust the shock settings, but they only get shocked a few times total because they learn to stay inside. I wouldn’t consider it cruel.
    Depends on the will of the dog and the shock level- dogs can just run over the line and get shocked, but still escape. If you have a nervous dog then consider him safe. If you have a freewilling dog, consider it iffy.
    No, it does not make dogs scared to go outside, just to cross the line.
    No, and I would highly not reccomend it! It is only to keep him inside, you don’t want to torture him!

  4. Jally says:

    My cousins have one around the fence line on their farm, they run on the same principal as the collars! Which strangely enough i put on myself before putting on my dog, it does hurt.
    They send an electric shock into the neck of the dog which tenses the muscles, but prior to the shock it lets out a small beep as a warning. After the dog gets zapped a few times they quickly learns when it hears the beep to step back. My cousins dogs have never tried to escape.
    I have never heard of them shorting, and i would not put it on a smaller dog, and would discuss it with your vet before hand.

  5. DeeDawg says:

    i have APBT, i wouldn’t bother, because they’ll just put their head down and RUN through it.

    i knew someone whose dog got continually shocked by it- the thing shorted out or something.
    the dog was terrified of EVERYTHING after that.

    a good old fashioned fence is best.

  6. Wicked Wanda says:

    One of my neighbours had one for their 3 little corgis. Those dogs barked at the slightest movement of the grass in front of their noses and every time I’d go outside they would come charging at me. They’d run towards me and then suddenly run back so it did keep them in the yard but they were bad owners so they needed it since training would have been out of the question for them.

    My friends got one for their large Bermese Mountain dog/German Shepherd mix and now she’s afraid to go outside.

    So the reaction of the dog depends on the dog.

    Personally I’d never do that to my dogs but I’ve trained them to stay around the house so I wouldn’t have to. My little mutt was once shocked by the electric fence I use for my goats and ever since then she doesn’t leave my side when we’re outside.

  7. Keith M says:

    The dog will not be electrocuted nor will he become afraid to go outside. It is not cruel because he only becomes uncomfortable when he approaches the boundary.
    Some dogs are more submissive to the fence than others so there is no guarantee that one would not escape. It has worked and so has an electric collar with no fence.

  8. Love is a GSD says:

    My aunt uses one, as they have large property and foster beagles.

    Here’s what I will say. I’ve seen it work for the last ten years. It works great for her. BUT you need to train properly. Walk the dog along the line, give corrections, etc. So many people just throw the dogs out there, and that’s when the dogs get hurt. That’s when they learn to escape.

    I’ve seen people come in to clinic, and their dogs have holes burned into their neck because they learned that it’s only a second of pain and they are free, so they escape CONSTANTLY. That much shock over and over burns the flesh. These are idiots that never TRAINED the dog to use the fence.

    So, if you listen to all warnings and train your dog correctly, in most cases it is fine. But the first time your dog escapes, that’s it, it’s done, and you need to have proper fencing built. Your dog has learned that the fence is not all powerful, and your dog will continue to escape, and will get injured.

  9. wayne says:

    I put in an invisible fence for my dog when he was just a little puppy. They come and train the dogs to not go over the fence by walking them over it… the dogs get shocked and dont go back. After a few months i didnt even have my dog wear the collar anymore because he was so trained to stay on my property. Once though when he actually did have the collar on he got really excited because my cousins came over and while they were on the other side of the street he sprinted across the line so fast that he made it to the other side by the time the shock came so he could have escaped if he wanted to. It isnt really that cruel because its in the dogs best interest so he doesnt run into the street but it does hurt… a lot. I decided to see how much it hurt so i held the collar and walked into the street. it was pretty awful but your dog will not be afraid to go outside because of the fence… mine wasnt at least and i had no experience with the collar shorting out and electrocuting my dog.

  10. oregano13 says:

    My sister had an invisible fence that she used in conjunction with a real 6 foot fence for my brother-in-law’s German Shepherd for a while. Not only did it not work (the dog still repeatedly scaled the fence regardless of the shock intensity), the dog was scared to be out in the yard unless he was in pursuit of some small critter, and he developed sores from the electrodes. They are a bad idea, almost all dogs will take the shock to leave the yard but not to come back home, and they provide zero protection from the outside world.

  11. Dax O says:

    I only have third hand experience so I wont answer!

  12. BYBs cause suffering and death says:

    I used to have neighbors with an invisible fence, their dogs were getting loose all the time.

    I would NEVER trust my dogs’ safety to one.

  13. JenVT says:

    It can’t get a short and electrocute the dog- there is a sensor in the collar to prevent it. It did not work well for us- our dogs stayed in it because we were out there with them (we have a fenced front yard and the invisible fence in the back yard)but if one of them wanted to leave badly enough they would just run through it. I would never leave them out unsupervised with one mainly because it is supposed to keep them in, but it never kept our neighbor’s dog out, that’s for sure.

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