Invisible fence partial break?


We have determined that we have a partial break in our Petsafe Underground fence. Just a trickle of power is emitted. Problem is, the ohm meter and the collar itself will always show a reading and the box shows a complete circuit but the signal is too weak to correct our dog or even emit a beep. So basically, just enough power to screw us! from reading online, i have NO idea what to do. Any suggestions or tips?
please no "just dig it all up" – we have 4 acres of invisible fencing!!!

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2 Responses to “Invisible fence partial break?”

  1. Bobbie L says:

    So, put up a real fence. I live on a LARGE amount of acreage, and had a fence company put a fence around the house and deck. My dogs are allowed their freedom during the day, and would never think of leaving the property.

  2. The Greek says:

    The only thing to do is to dig it up in segments, you might have had something dig and interrupt the wire, you could do a visual search first, but really the only thing to do is find the half way point, and see if it can be narrowed down that way.

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