invisible fence owners?


How well do the invisible fence/shock collars work on dogs?
Our neighborhood is HOA, no fences allowed. That’s why I need advice about the underground fence.

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  1. Sue M says:

    we have the invisible fence and it works for us. we use it only when we are out with the dogs so we dont have to constantly watch them. if we’re not home, we use our 6′ fenced in area for them.
    dogs love it, we love it- but its important to use responsibly.
    also- our dogs have never gotten shocked, even during the training. during the training phase, you put rubber over the metal prongs and the dogs are trained with a tone only. theyre taught to "jump back" when they hear that tone. fy- we have both trained puppys and older dogs on our fence…
    best to have a physical fence, too- for your dogs protection.

  2. Dimo J says:

    Can’t say for dogs, but I had one I used on the cat to keep him away from the dogs’ food. It was the type that zapped if you got too close to the transmitter. Did not harm nor tramatize him. Did keep him from eating dog food and agravating his kidney problems.

    The collar beeps as you approach the transmitter, zaps when too close, but shuts down if you don’t leave so as to not harm the animal.

    As a perimeter fence it will fail if the dog discovers that he/she can dash through the zap region to freedom.

  3. LizzyB says:

    Even if it works for your dog in keeping him in, it does nothing to prevent another dog or critter from coming inside his area. Not a good idea. Build a fence. You can find used chain link on your local recycle group, buy those green cattle fence posts, wire and post driver and you are set to build.

  4. Bill L says:

    Build a fence, cheaper. better.


  5. Snickers says:

    They traumatize the dog and leave burns on heir skin.

  6. PeaceonEarth says:

    Obedience training and a fence is always best.
    A leash trained dog is your best friend.

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