Invisible fence ok for 4 month old puppy (I meant invisible last question, i thought theyre the same)?


Yes ok, this is the same question, but I thought an electric and invisible fence are the same things, i’ve had a vet recommended invisible fence for my last dogs, and I was wondering what age would be appropriate to start my new pup on. For those of u who wasted ur time by answering my last question sorry, however if u were one of the people that made a stupid remark about the last question dont bother replying to this one. thanks…
my last question i said electric, sorry I meant invisible. They are a bit the same though, invisible fences give off a slight electric vibration shock or so when the dog crosses the line. I’ve held them before while crossing the zone before to make sure the shock isnt too strong, its more of a sudden surprise then pain. I have a good yard for my dogs to play on and both my others do fine on it.
sorry I have an American Yellow Lab, I mentioned it in my other post, forgot to mention it in this one….

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3 Responses to “Invisible fence ok for 4 month old puppy (I meant invisible last question, i thought theyre the same)?”

  1. Susan L says:

    dogs bolt through it and then won’t return due to the shock; they are not full proof ; they don’t stop others and animals from entering

  2. walkinglady says:

    It depends on what kind of dog you have. They’re 100% unsuitable for a lot of breeds because they’ll go right through them and disregard any shock whenever they see something irresistible on the other side. They’re not willing, however, to come back again so you end up with a dog at large.

    They also won’t prevent other dogs from coming into your yard and possibly attacking your dog. I wouldn’t recommend them in very many situations.

  3. kk says:

    I’ve had an invisible fence that worked for some of my dogs, but not my current ones. Long haired, stoic breeds don’t do well with them. Labs will most likely do fine. My next door neighbor has a lab and he trained very easily to his Invisible Fence. As for age, start as young as possible–if he learns his limits young, he is less likely to try to push them later. We got an Invisible Fence for my Golden Retriever at 5 months, and once she learned how she worked, she wouldn’t go out of the yard even if the fence was turned off. No, No, she wouldn’t get near it ever again, even when she could have. What you learn as a child stays with you, and so it is with puppies.

    Here are the problems that I have seen: It may keep your dog in, but it doesn’t keep other’s people’s dogs out. Also, if the battery runs down, your dog is free–and some dogs learn to stand near the fence and let it beep until the battery dies and then they just walk out. Also, if your dog decides to run the line, he’s free and you have no way of knowing if or when he decides to do so. If you live in a suburban neighborhood where the chances of your dog being stolen or hurt if he gets out of the yard is low, go ahead and give it a try, but if you live in the city or near a highway, it’s not worth the risk. You can always put a double line around, so that if he gets through the first, there is a second barrier before he’s completely gone. Getting your dog micro-chipped would also be a good idea, just in case he does get out of the yard.

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