Invisible Fence Green Light Stays on and Beeps


Invisible Fence Beeping, Solid Green Light

Yesterday, after a storm, I went out into my garage and found my Invisible Fence control box beeping and the green warning light stayed on.  I have not been able to get the beep to stop.  My dogs have been outside since this happened, and they have not gotten out of the yard, so I’m not sure if the invisible fence is broken.  If it is broke, will my dogs figure this out then escape from the yard?

I’ve looked for my owner’s manual but cannot find it.  There is a dog fence company name on the control panel and some serial numbers.  Do you think I can find it online?

The underground dog fence was already installed when we moved into this house.  The previous owners was nice enough to show me how it works and give me her underground fence collars, but I don’t know who she used to have the invisible fence installed.  Are there dog fence companies who would fix this or is there a way for me to fix the broken invisible fence myself.

There is a way to diagnosis and repair an invisible fence that is not working.  For more information visit:

Invisible Dog Fence Troubleshooting – How to Locate and Fix a Break in Your Underground Dog Fencing

3 Responses to “Invisible Fence Green Light Stays on and Beeps”

  1. Yellow Lab says:

    If your control box is beeping or is flashing a signal from the green light then you have a cut in your dog fence wire. I would call a dog fence dealer and ask then what they would charge to come out and locate and fix the break. I think there are ways you can also find the break yourself.

  2. In Ground Dog Fence says:

    I would check the manual. Also, have you had any electrical problems lately? Maybe a lightening strike? Something is either broken outside in the under ground wire or the transmitter box is messed up. Is the system running on a back up battery??

  3. Dog Fence Builder says:

    Sounds like the line has a break somewhere. Have you had anyone digging in your backyard lately? A landscaper or yard service may have cut the underground dog fence wire. If so, they would be responsible for the cost of getting it fixed. That is what they have general liability insurance for.

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