Invisible Fence for my Dog???


My dad just bought me an invisible fence for my dog (a springer spaniel). it’s one of those do-it-yourself kind of fence. i was wondering how old do dogs have to be before you can start using a invisble fence? i have heard that you should wait untill at least they are one year old, but i have also heard that 6 months is good enough too. my puppy is 3 months and 6 days old……do you think that it is too early to install our invisble fence? thanks so much!
btw: we can’t put up a real fence because some dumb rule in our neighborhood–they (the neighborhood ppl say it looks bad)!

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10 Responses to “Invisible Fence for my Dog???”

  1. catg says:

    We put an invisible fence in when my lab puppy was 4 months and she did great.

  2. T W says:

    does your dog still not know the limits of the yard and would love to just be free? Then start training now if you want to. But, like my dog, would never think about running away, you might not even have to put it up!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    I wouldn’t use it until about 6 months, but puppies instinctively stay close to home until four months old. Just go out with the pup until the 4 month mark, and then between 4-6 months get a long lead that you can put her on when she’s out. Then at six months, start using the fence.

  4. jumptumblestunt says:

    It’s young enough to start the training, but don’t trust her outside on her own yet ((s)he’s not spayed/neutered, either…that’s not a good candidate for an invisible fence…) Start the installation and training, and once she/he gets it, they will be old enough!

  5. mssophia102 says:

    we tried one of those fences … it didn’t exactly work, when the dog would get overly excited he would just run right through it. It was as if the shock didnt work at all. He was a big dog though (great dane). Make sure you veiw the video that came with the fence its very helpful.

  6. jackie b says:

    i have a dog named sammy and i would NOT REFCOMEND A do it yourself fence. i have a invisable fence and these peop[le called fidos fences installed it it is GREAT! now when the god gets shcoked they may cry a little but you have to deal with it if you want them to learn.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  7. ginbail says:

    You can use it right away if the collar fits properly. However, you must train your dog that when he feels the shock, he is supposed to turn away from the wire. The fence should have come with training instructions and / or a video.

    Added: Even if you decide to wait before you use the fence, you can still have it installed anytime. Don’t use the collar until you feel that you and your dog are ready.

    Good luck.

  8. katie pi says:

    its possible for dogs to die/get severe injuries from electric fences, shock collars, etc. why dont u put up an ACTUAL fence in ur backyard or sumthing?

  9. Justine ♥'s Her yorkie says:

    Aww that is so mean to have one of those. Meanie!!

  10. alaskajacks says:

    Go ahead and install the fence and begin the training. You should have received a training video with the fence kit. Watch it and follow the training regimen. DON’T USE THE COLLAR ON THE DOG UNTIL IT IS TRAINED THOROUGHLY. If done correctly, your dog will never have to receive a shock in its entire life.

    I have a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier who was trained correctly to run to the middle of the yard when she heard the beep of the collar. She has NEVER been shocked. We used the training flags, so she knows exactly where the fence is and she knows that the beep means run to the middle of the yard and then start playing again.

    Invisible fences are only cruel if you don’t take the time to properly train the dog. Don’t just put the collar on your dog and expect it to "figure out the rules". That is cruel and dangerous.

    Good luck with the training.

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