Invisible Fence for Dogs & Cats?


So I paid alittle over ,000 so my two Min-Pins wont leave my yard. Two very hyper, loud, dogs with a street that people love to walk and drive up and down all day.

One of them started just saying whatever to the shock and walks right across – I gotta go crazy getting him. I call them, they increase the intensity and hours after he leaves, so does Rocco. Now I call them again, they came, and they said "it should be fixed."

Has anyone had this problem? Does this actually work? We had it for 6 months and so far so good, until about 2 weeks ago.

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2 Responses to “Invisible Fence for Dogs & Cats?”

  1. Judgerz (BYBs Scare Me) says:

    My friend has it for his Lab, and it works great from what I see. They don’t even need to put the collar on him anymore, since he stays well away from the boundary, but they do for safety. I don’t know what’s wrong there.

  2. AUTUMN :D says:

    we used this for our 2 jack russell terriers
    it worked fine for us
    but about a year ago, we switched to something a little different. its like the fence, except you have a little handheld remote instead of the wire running around your yard. when you see your dog doing anything bad, you "correct" them
    you can set it for any level you want, or even just do the buzzer, which just makes a sound that scares them
    if you like to just leave your dogs outside, then the fence is nice, but we switched because my dog ally would run through the fence anyway, because once she was past it, she was free, but with the handheld one, you could keep "correcting" her until she came back
    hope I helped 😀

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