Invisible fence for dogs?


What would be a cost estimate per acre to get an invisible fence installed?

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7 Responses to “Invisible fence for dogs?”

  1. ✿Shih Tzu Love✿ Almost Spring =) says:

    Why not get a real fence? I think "invisible fences" are cruel.

  2. jen says:

    before getting it installed I would suggest testing your dog with it first. ( find someone you know who has one and see if you can try it out) the reason I say this is because my sisters spent a lot of money on this system only to watch daily as her dog would back up into the yard and run as fast as he could through the fence and wander off for a few hours – then refuse to come back into the yard because he knew he would get shocked . She ended up with a traditional fence instead.

  3. Tim says:

    Check one out first. If you can find a store that sells them, ask for a demo. Put the collar around your neck, cross over the wires and see how nice it feels. I would think the dog would probably like it even less than you do.
    PS to author and Garland: if they aren’t illegal, they should be.

  4. Garland Gee Wizz says:

    aren’t they illegal?

  5. ČĤĨĞĨŔĹ says:

    I have no idea, but what I do know is a real fence is awesome…I have one.

  6. ladystang says:


  7. stayputdoggy says:

    I own an underground fence company and have installed many many fences for many breeds of dogs and all types of owners. No fence that I install is cruel, that is a very common misconception. The "shock" is a static stimulation – much like the type of shock you get in the winter when you touch a metal doorknob. It is more of a surprise that actual pain. The animal who wants to push his luck at the boundary line will get a reminder – the static stimulation. That reminder is much less painful for both dog and owner that say – getting hit by a car! The cost of the fence varies for where you live. Being in the industry – I will tell you – most fences are the same – the technology is basically the same – but the cost vary widely (1/2 acre 600.00 to over 1000.00 depending on brand installer etc.). (My personal favorite is the Innotek digital system with the remote trainer) I love my dogs – I love what I do – I would never use a product that is cruel or would harm an animal. I also do not have dogs that get out of the fence – because I make absolutley certain the owner and the dog are trained. The fence serves as a reminder of the training sessions in the first few weeks after install, without that training – well – those are the people who have fences that "don’t work". In my professional experience those fences that "don’t work" can always be fixed with owner/dog training sessions. A few minutes a day can save your dogs life.
    Yes – yes – an underground fence does not keep other animals or people out of your yard – but they are wonderful and do provide peace of mind and freedom for you and your pet.

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