Invisible Fence for Dogs?


Do any of you have an invisible fence for your pets? Does it work? We are considering getting one for our 1 yr old lab but I am a little leary of it..I’m afraid it wont work and she’ll barge right through it. Nothing phases her. Any advice?
Ok, let me edit. We have a wooden fence already, she’s just chewing the siding off of our house and we cant have that LOL. We are trying to keep her confined away from the house somehow.
I was also very concerned about the shock causing her psychological problems and hurting her. Our main plan is to get her a smaller fence inside the fence we already have, I was just wondering about the invisible fence and if anyone had any luck with it.

As far as her not exercising enough, my husband and I are both active runners, we run morning and night and she runs with us, plus we are constantly playing with her outside somehow, so she is getting plenty of exercise. We make sure of that. We also both work so we leave her outside during the day instead of being confined in the house. I dont have a choice there.

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13 Responses to “Invisible Fence for Dogs?”

  1. carol says:

    About 7 months ago we went through the entire process of meeting with 3 different underground fence companies in my area. I was amazed how different they all are. For Bob and me..we wanted to get the most for the least amount of money… our hard earned money!! The last company we had out was Dogwatch Hidden Fence…and they blew away the other two we had out. Pet Safe and Pet Stop…we didn’t have the Invisible Fence out because our neighbor was having a lot of problems with them..they are dreadful about service calls..hard to reach..never showing up and they were very unhappy with them.
    Dogwatch came out on a Sunday afternoon my husband and I both work so we where thrilled when Dogwatch booked us on a Sunday!! I learned all about the system and the differences between companies. The woman that came out was the owner and trainer. My dogs loved her right from the start…they never even got up through the other sales calls. But, this Dogwatch person was different..much different! For the first 10 minutes she was on the floor greeting my dogs ….she even baked treats for them!!
    When she got up she went over all that Dogwatch offers….they bury a 9 foot copper lighting rod and surge protector for our home’s protection.The others did not even mention lightening protection! She brought 2 big marrow bones for both my dogs to test for bone aggression…who knew this mattered?? She explained that they do not put aggressive dogs on the fence for our neighbors protection..after all a small child could walk onto our yard….thank goodness my boys past all her testing!! It was good to know there are still folks out there that care more about the dog then the sale!!
    I learned how important it is to go with an FM Digital system instead of the AM frequency the others used…but what blew us away was the advanced technology that provided us with a 2 year battery and low battery light for $20 every 2 years!! And we could buy them from her or from anyone that sells them…I checked with Radio Shack in my area….they carry them for $19.99 so that worked for us. The other fence company’s had 3 month batteries and would cost us about $150 a year with our two canines!! Oh…and we could only get the batteries from them!!
    But, what clinched the deal for us was when she told us she includes at no extra cost… 7-10 days training with all dogs to assure they are trained properly!! She thought it would take 3 to 4 training’s to train our dogs and that we will only need flags at our shore home once the dogs were trained by her…on the contract she gave us a 100%money back guarantee in writing if we were not thrilled with her or her product. She explained to us that our dogs would be trained the same way she trained seeing eye dogs for their owners…with flags..a beeping tone..and commands we used during the training. We liked the fact that the dogs would not get zapped ramdomly which we worried would happen if we had to train them!! We never imagined the company would take on the responsibilt of training!!!The training was every other day for about an hour and half…within 8 days my boys were off leash and trained…completely painless!
    We loved her…the dogs loved her and today I can report everything she said she was going to do she did…we never needed to buy a system for our shore home..just kept flags up for 20 days…they were taught words like “Careful” and “Uh -O”. We can use those two words whenever we want our dogs to pay attention and the words still work.
    All of the fences cost about the same…but WHAT YOU GET for that same amount is way different!! If you are in need of an electric fence I hope you have a Dogwatch Fence dealer in your area. I do not know if they all are run the way Jack and Donna run theirs but if they are…you will be glad I wrote this. It mattered to us that our dogs understood their “good area” we love them want the best for them…for us…Dogwatch Hidden Fence won “BEST IN SHOW”

  2. Brian Moss says:

    As a professional electric dog fence installer, I am amazed at the half truths and the down right bad propaganda that has circulated and that people take to heart without ever having had experience with these fences. Some truths are that the ‘invisible fence’ was invented in 1973 and has successful contained millions of dogs. As far as dogs running through the fence, there are several reasons this can occur. The dogs collar has to be fit to the correct tightness, meaning the probes must touch the skin. The proper fitting is when you can slide one finger under one of the probes, not both of them. The second reason is that the dog collar battery is dead. The third and most important reason why dogs run through the electric dog fence is the training was not done properly. Most of the cheap do it yourself kits contain little to no manuals for proper training. The systems still work but if the system you purchase does not have detailed instructions for training, then find them on the internet. Electric dog fences are a great thing, but you get out of them what you put into them. Hope some people find this helpful.

  3. BMW says:

    Not a good idea.
    I would suggest you to try every other alternative before you submit her to shock training.I do agree many people use that and they are satisfied with its advantage.Still I would ask you to look for other alternatives.Putting something that tastes bad on the bits of fence your dog chews is one of them.

  4. Catherine says:

    Two of my neighbors use hidden fences. The folks across the street use Dogwatch and their big dog stays on the property without a problem.

    The other neighbor installed one himself (don’t know the product name). It took him three days of hard labor so that he could save some money.

    I understand that the shock is very limited and does not hurt dogs in the least.

  5. jbrynda28 says:

    I’m not impressed with the misinformation of other posters. Millions of people use in-ground electronic fencing, including the popular Invisible Fence brand. With the right system and a little bit of dog training, dogs stay contained everyday. There is very little real life evidence of psychological damage. If he challenges the line, he gets an unpleasant sensation, to which he responds by returning to the safe part of the yard. If you burn your hand as a child, does that mean you are scarred for life from ever using a household stove? Of course not. You say your dog is getting plenty of exercise. Nonetheless, she may be bored. Hence the chewing. You should schedule a sales call with Invisible Fence or another service company in your area and get the facts, instead of the baseless opinions posted here.

  6. Pat says:

    We have a DogWatch Hidden Fence for our dog. He was able to crawl underneath our physical fence so we attached the Hidden Fence to it. This way he cannot come up to it so no more getting out.

    DogWatch was great to work with. Very professional and very experienced in the training. They have safety precautions built into their equipment to help prevent the adverse effects you hear about happening with other electric fences.

    The 2 features we liked the best are the 2 year battery life on the collar and their patented FM digital signal that prevents our little guy from getting shocked by external signals (apparently it is a problem on other electric dog fences because they run on AM), like t.v.’s, computers etc…

    We just went to the national website and typed in our zip code. It brought up the nearest dealer to us.

    Hope this helps. Our dog "Potter" has been on the Hidden Fence for almost 7 years without a single problem

  7. Siempre Girlie says:

    Oddly enough, I was just talking to someone about this today.

    Let’s face it, we all love our dogs, but some of them just aren’t… well… the brightest bulbs in the box.

    I used to have one and I would put my fosters and personal dogs on it. Until one day that one of my dogs went through it, and instead of returning, laid down and screamed/howled in pain. They had simply given up and couldn’t/wouldn’t figure it out. That ended that for me RIGHT there.

    You could always put in a low level fence blocking that area of the yard from her reach. Also, more constant supervison and redirection would help as well.

    Good luck!

  8. kawgirl says:

    The only problem with invisible fences are that if your dog was chasing something it might run past the fence and then get zapped when trying to come back into your yard. Labs take about 2 years before they start settling down but they love to obey their owners. I would just start teaching your dog boundries using a leash. It will take a little while but reenforce your dog with a treat or a piece of dog food when it stays within the boundries. Buy her a rawhide for something to chew. She should stop chewing in about another year

  9. pixluvspaco says:

    i agree with the other contributor. as i’m sure you know, labs are so rambunctious that not much phases them (i work with dogs and when breaking up fights i have to go straight for the citronella spray because the squirt bottle doesn’t work). a tangible fence would be your best bet, especiallly for a large-breed dog

  10. walking lady says:

    A great many dogs are more than willing to take the shock and leave if they see anything interesting on the other side. They won’t, however, come back into the yard.

    It also won’t stop other dogs from coming into your yard and getting in fights with your dog.

    A wooden fence is a much safer investment.

  11. Morgan says:

    to keep your bittch in check

  12. ♥life is great is sick of BYB;S says:

    They can work but also dogs can shock them selves and not be bothered and still get out

    Personally i would get real wooden fencing

  13. BYB's R Mini Puppy Mills says:

    I despise them. They don’t protect your dog from the outside world and a strong-willed dog will ‘play through the pain’ to get at whatever they want to get at.

    For other dogs, it becomes a psychological hurdle and can cause depression. The constant shocking, for what they percieve as for no reason, can lead to serious problems.

    Your lab should be either contained in a solid fence or with a leash whenever outside. Shocking a dog for a human’s convenience is inhumane and irresponsible.

    Added: If the dog is eating the siding, then this isn’t a doggie problem; it’s a human problem. She shouldn’t be outside without supervision. I’m also going to guess that she’s underexercised and isn’t getting proper activity. Labs are very very active dogs. If she’s showing destructive behaviour, I’d bet just about anything that she’s not being stimulated enough. Get more involved with her and don’t leave her outside unsupervised. Problem Solved!

    Added: Sigh. Running is exercise, but not activity. Brain games are activity. Agility, hide & seek, retrieving, flyball, etc.

    You *DO* have a choice. You had one when you brought this dog into your home and you have one now. Doggie Daycare. This is what responsible owners use to keep their dogs supervised while they work. Or, they keep the dog indoors and hire someone to come in once or twice a day.

    I’d bet $1000 that this dog came from a bad breeder, meaning it’s even more likely that she’s got behavioural issues already that are genetic. You have to work even harder to keep dogs like this busy and happy.

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