Invisible fence for dogs?


does it work??
about how much??(i know it depends on the size of your yard)
do they make one for small dogs??
if the dog fell in water(pool) will they die from electrocution??

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5 Responses to “Invisible fence for dogs?”

  1. Blue Titan says:

    There are a couple different kinds out there
    One has a wire you bury in your yard and yes a dog can run through it to the other side–you must take your time with these in training your dog. If they ever figure out they can run through it, they will.
    The other one has no wires and basically emits a radio signal (out to a certain radius) around your house–if they leave the boundary area, it starts correcting them, It will keep correcting until a 27 second safety shutoff, it pretty much stops run through.
    The 1st one is around a 100.00
    The 2nd is around 300.00
    They make specialty collars for stubborn dogs and the collars that come with it are rated to go down to 8lbs.
    Both are waterproof.
    I have had experience with both–the radio fence is best of the 2.
    Remember they only keep your dog in, they won’t keep others out.
    Oh bye the way, the upper end models come with a battery backup in case the power goes out.

  2. myciarawolf says:

    1) Varies depending on the dog. Dogs have to be trained to use it – you have to train them where they can and where they can’t go (eg. walking them around inside the perimeter of the fence).
    Dogs that are scared or startled or chasing something will run straight over it and then won’t be able to come back in.

    2) It costs $250 AUD (Australian) for the unit and a certain amount of wire and 4 flags. You can buy extension kits for $100+ AUD.
    (As I am in Australia I can only give you my prices – there are websites with prices for these).

    3) Yes they make them for dogs of all sizes.

    4) No – the unit on the collar is waterproof.

    I wouldn’t recommend them for high prey drive breeds such as Border Collies, Husky, GSD etc as they will go straight over it to chase things.

    Good Luck.

  3. kdoulos says:

    They will not die from electrocution, but I have to warn you that I don’t think they work. I have three different examples.

    1. My brothers friend has a large chocolate lab. She saw a rabbit, and despite having that fence cranked up to its max. She just yelped, and ran right through it.

    2. My uncle has two jack russel terriers (among a plethora of other dogs), but these two have somehow found a way around the fence. There has to be a weak spot or something because they keep getting out.

    3. There is a coon hound chow mix in my neighborhood that is dog aggressive. He got out of their electric fence after the power shorted, and lets just say; he probably won’t be seeing very well for a while. (I still have my police issued pepper gel). Works wonders on dogs. Better than a tazer!

    I’m not a fan of them personally. I think you pay way too much for something that may or may not work. You’re better off putting up a privacy fence. That way, your dog will stay in your yard, and you will increase the house value.

  4. Texas Rottie says:

    Answer 1 – Sometimes
    Answer 2 – About 100 bucks
    Answer 3 – Big or small is all the same
    Answer 4 – No

    I don’t recommend invisible fences. It may keep your dog in, but doesn’t keep roving animals out.

  5. walking lady says:

    No, they pretty much don’t work. A great many dogs will take the shock to leave the yard, but none will come back in. It also doesn’t prevent other dogs from coming into your yard and starting fights with your dogs. A real fence is always a better option, and for some dogs, the only option.

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