Invisible Fence for dogs?


I have a 2 year old female pug. My family and I are most likley getting this invisible fence. I am nervous that the shock will hurt my dog. She is about 17 lbs. Will it hurt her or cause any problems to her health? Also, will someone steal her if we just let her outside with the fence? Will she be able to be get to safety if an aggressive large dog comes and tries to hurt or chase her? And will she run through it and not come back in the house? Please help! Thank You!

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6 Responses to “Invisible Fence for dogs?”

  1. Bella says:

    Please Please Please convince them to NOT get an invisible fence! An invisible fence can cause heart problems, trauma, and death. Eventually, if these problems don’t get to her, she will run away, or be too afraid to step foot in the yard because she will think whenever she goes into the yard, she is doing something wrong. DON’T DON’T DON’T get an invisible fence, or a shock collar! Get a regular fence. The life of your dog worth it. A regular fence is the right choice.

  2. Drater000 says:

    It does give a little shock…

    We felt like it was bad to do to an animal at first but think about it this way… A couple of shocks hurts, but running away and starving to death is worse. After a couple of weeks, they will learn not to leave even if another dog is barking next door!

    As far as the aggrissive dog coming towards your dog, or someone coming to steal her away from you, stay out with your dog! It’ll actually give you a great reason to play with her and do some fun activities! A dog should only be left alone to pee for a couple of minutes. Any other outdoor activities should be a walk with you, on a leash obviously, and/or catch, etc.

    Enjoy your dog’s life!

  3. ♥ Simply Kaylee! ♥ says:

    if the fence shocks her, she will most likely run through it and never come back because shell think she did something wrong or your abusing her.. just buy a real fence lol

  4. ۞ Warrior's Pride ۞ says:

    Tell your parents that what they are getting ready to do is make an expensive mistake. An invisible fence is virtually worthless and for small dogs it can be dangerous.

    First, an invisible is not considered total confinement and is not fool proof, many dogs have learned to escape this fences by taking the shock and getting pass the electric barriers, some dogs do it over and over again until the severely injure themselves due to the muliple amount of shocks, for small dog like the pug, this isn’t good.

    Secondly, an invisable fence does not protect yoru dog or anyone for that matter from outside forces, an aggressive dog or a theft can easily trot into your and make off with your dog or even kill your odg.

  5. Daizee says:

    just get a normal fence…………….

  6. Barbara JL says:

    My dog group was discussing this about the invisible fence.What’s to stop a big dog or pack of dogs coming into your yard to chase your dog.I would say to fence off an area for your dog.I have five acres fenced with solar hot wire all around at the top and inside one foot above the ground.Keeps my dogs and horses in and domesticated dog packs and coyotes out.

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