Invisible fence for cats?


I put my dog’s invisible fence collar on my neighbors cat so it would come in our yard anymore. There problem is the stupid cat ran into my yard (got shocked) and will not leave my yard.

My dogs will need to go out to the bathroom on about an hour and will kill the cat. I don’t want my dogs to go in the house so what else is there to do but let them outside?

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13 Responses to “Invisible fence for cats?”

  1. sslpatt says:

    I don’t know this persons gender but he/she uses more than one handle on here. he/she used to be known as Perfect 10 and used to slander cats under that ID. Almost everything he/she says is bull$hit. Please don’t worry yourself about it.

  2. lee911 says:

    take the collar off the cat, take the cat to it’s owner and explain the situation. If they care enought about their pet, they will keep it out of your yard!

  3. Ralley says:

    I have read your other questions and you are totally full of shit!

    I recommend to everyone to read this person’s other questions. I think she (if it really is a she) is totally bored or just plain weird.

  4. Nikki says:

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  5. Katrina L says:

    I have to agree you shouldn’t have done that to someone else’s cat. But I also believe they should be a little more concerned about their cat’s welfare, and knowing you have two dogs in your backyard should give them a clue.

    Try lifting the cat over the invisible fence as previously mentioned. If you do manage to get the cat out, talk to your neighbors. If that doesn’t change anything, DON’T TAKE THE CAT TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY YOURSELF. That WOULD be stealing, and you could have charges pressed on you for it. If the situation doesn’t improve after talking to your neighbors, get a hold of the local authorities and tell them you’re afraid of the cat being killed by your dogs. They will talk to your neighbors….that might scare your neighbors enough to put an end to their cat’s wandering.

  6. melissa k says:

    Take the collar off the cat, take the cat home and talk to the owners. Let them know that you are concerned about their cat’s safety, especially in regards to your dogs. If they don’t act responsibly to keep the cat safe, contact the humane society. And, please don’t do something harmful to other people’s cats again!

  7. Zelda says:

    Cats do not respond well to Invisible fence collars well. We tried it once a long time ago, when the invisible fence company suggested it. Our cat obviously got shocked and would not come back into the yard, even after we deactivated the fence. After about a month, we figured i out and removed the little flags, then she came back.
    Do not put your fence collar on a neighbor’s animal, as you could hurt the animal or open yourself up to a lawsuit.
    I think one of the other posters had good advice and that was to tell your neighbor that you have this new system and they need to keep their cat out of your yard, or you will not be responsible.
    Sometimes it does not work so well on dogs either. We had a neighbor who had standard poodles. One of her dogs would sit near enough to the boundary so that she would run the collar battery down, but not get shocked. Also, if you get 6 inches of snow, it will not work.
    One more crazy story. My teenaged stepson one put the collar on his neck so he could see what the shock was like! He didn’t tell me until more than a year later.

  8. ♥Sandrita♥ says:

    i dont get it…. you put a collar on your neighbors cat with out their permission? and then it shocked the cat? are you freakin crazy? how would you like it for them to do that to your dogs?

  9. myaddictiontofire says:

    Edited to say: This person is just some psycho with too much time. Read the other questions they’ve asked and you’ll see. Freak is just trying to get a rise out of people who like cats.

    Earlier I answered: Cant you get the cat and remove the collar so it can leave? I think the voltage is probably too high for a cat unless you’ve bought a collar for a very small dog or specific for a cat. You could do alot of damage and if your neighbors incure any vet bills they may sue…? I know I’d be pissed… but then again I’m a cat person, not a dog person 🙂

  10. MJ says:

    the cats probaly scared as heck to walk back through !! , just go lift the cat over the invisable fence !!

  11. my name here says:


  12. Kimberly B says:

    Unfortunetly the invisible fence wont work for cats. You may want to chat with the owner and tell them the situation. If that doesnt work, kindly let them know that you will trap the cat humanly and take it to a local humane society or even call the humane society about trapping it. Best of luck and for now looks as if you will have to take pooch out on a leash

  13. willalwaysberememberedasloving says:

    In life there are forks that appear in the roadway. If We choose the right path, We will eventually wind up where We are supposed to be. If at each divided path, We make the wrong choice, and continue to do so, We, (meaning you), will never hope to experience Your true calling. Happiness, love, and compassion.

    Cats are beautiful, loving, creatures of God. Too bad that can’t be said for You.

    Good Luck with Your lonely, pathetic, so called life…………………..

    You are certainly going to need it………………………………………

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