Invisible fence dog training?


I have a 9 year old black lab. We got the invisible fence for our yard. We live out on 58 acres of property but got the fence cause at the one end of our property is the high way. But now I can get my dog to go for walks with me out on the property cause she’s afraid to go accross the fence what can I do?

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7 Responses to “Invisible fence dog training?”

  1. Joni says:

    yeah, i’ve the same problem as you do,
    but since i get dog personal trainer,
    i don’t have any problem again with that.
    source :

  2. minaussiemom says:

    Ok, now stop and think about this a minute. Pretend you’re the one with the collar on your neck that will send the sensation of a gazzillion pins & needles into your neck if you should walk the wrong way. Wouldn’t you be scared, too?

    You’ve trained your dog to be terrified of that viciously horrible sensation. You can’t take that back.

    Now, maybe you didn’t properly adjust your dog to the ‘fence’ — you didn’t take the time to let her know exactly where she’d experience the excruciating, sudden pain. So, maybe now she’s scared to wander anywhere, since she doesn’t know just where she’ll get zapped. In that case, contact your electric fence people, and ask for the layout of the fence (wear the ‘collar’ around your own wrist, to check it out, before you subject your dog to it), and also ask for training guidelines.

    Or, like someone else said: You’ve got 58 acres, so just walk in a different direction.

  3. Dave Mousey says:

    stop bein a retard,how can you teach it something then expect it to do what you told it not to. you shouldnt own a dog you big stinky moo head

  4. Luvsdard says:

    Don’t taker her across the fence. 58 acres is alot of property. Why do you need to leave it? You have no choice here. You WANT your dog to be afraid to go on the highway…that’s why you got the fence. Can’t have it both ways.

  5. tantelindar says:

    Don’t walk her that way.

    You taught her not to cross that line; don’t screw it up. Walk around the fence.

  6. creepycookie says:

    get a real fence with a gate. or take him out a different way.

  7. Angel=]] says:

    Wow.. i read your answers and they dont even seem to help!!! I had the same problem!! we had like a year old lab and he got scared too… o i took some treats in my hand… kinda tugged on his leash.. then i called him so nice and held out my hand to pet him and got him excited to the point where he ran to get me…so i hope it works for you!!! best of luck!!!

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