Invisible Fence Dog Collars?


Does anyone know if you can take the box off of invisible fence dog collars and put it on another (regular) collar? Our dog chewed up the collar part, but not the box.

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6 Responses to “Invisible Fence Dog Collars?”

  1. princess says:

    yes you can change the collar i believe its the second post that tells you how to do it. she did it the same way i transfered the box from my shih tzu bark collar box onto a diffrent collar. my fiancee used an invisible fence with his bassett hound and she got shocked with it and to this day when the microwave beeps she lays down and plays dead!!

  2. Kim F says:

    For those that think these fences are abusive, you obviously do not use one. They are great! You train the dog where the fence boundaries are, just as you would train it to sit or come when it is called, and the dog stays in the yard. They are more expensive than fences in most cases, but do not require the yearly maintenance that fences do. And if you have a dog like mine that can clear a 5 ft fence, it is the best thing. She has full use of the entire yard (front and back) and loves it. It allows her more time outside to play than with no fence at all. Know what you are talking about before you judge.

  3. ANGEL says:

    You shouldnt use those collars, they are cruel to the animal. How would you feel if you had a collar on that shocked you everytime that you went to far. I f you want the dog in the yard get a real fence.

  4. nancymomkids says:

    I think you need the collar because that is the part that will shock the dog if she/he goes near the place where the line has been buried.

  5. Bellabully says:

    I don’t know, I think these devices are abusive and would never think of using them. They should be banned. how would you like being shocked for going somewhere you weren’t supposed to!

  6. GSDJunkie says:


    undo the two nuts (that was funny) that hold the prongs through the collar and remove the box. You will need to poke two holes in the new collar and put the prongs through and screw the nuts (that was funny) back on.

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